"When are you updating ? :(" by Anonymous

just finished writing the newest chapter and now i have to edit!! So very soon c:

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"I need to stop going AWOL on tumblr because I always come back needing to catch up on this. However, I remember where I left off and trust I'll be back with my two cents. lmao." by turquoise-crusaderrrrr

cant wait to hear it!!!!

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"Why did nicki let drake get off that easy?" by Anonymous

Nicki didn’t necessarily feel like it was a big enough deal to yell and scream and put a dent in the relationship between her and Drake. Also keep in mind that she has no idea why he hasn’t been having sex with her lately she doesn’t want to push him further away from him and into the arms of “someone else”; that’s why she sniffed him to make sure he wasn’t fucking around. 

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"Your a pussy if you gonna jump somebody...hope chris is okay." by Anonymous

Enough said.

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Chapter 72 (Part 2) - ***Flawless (Remix)



“Come on J cheer up I mean yeah she was thick and all that but she came with baggage so it’s probably a blessing in disguise.” Drake said rationally trying to cheer his boy up.

“Yeah Drake’s right and I heard that new girl Mehgan likes you anyway.” Trey said remembering what he heard earlier.

“The pretty one with the long hair and nice titties?” Jermaine said cheering up a bit while dribbling the basketball.  

“Yeah, you’re over Malaya already my g?” Trey joked as the all laughed until they heard a mans voice talking in the distance ahead.

“Oh shit we can do a 2-on-2 if that nigga over there is down for it.” J said as he tried to make out the figure sitting under the basketball hoop.

“True but Trey is on the team with the random!” Drake called out as if he was calling dibs on shotgun. They joked until they got within 20 yards of the person and then they stopped, looked over and realized who it was. Drake immediately threw the basketball down.

“You got my money nigga?!” He shouted. As the three guys slowly got closer to him Chris hopped up and put his set up.

“What’s up pussy albino bitch?!” Chris spat at Drake while mean mugging Trey and Jermaine waiting to see who would take the first blow.

“Even though you see us pulling up on you and you’re out numbered you still got so much shit to say.” Drake shook his head in disbelief with his arms down, hands locked. He smirked while looking at Chris who took this as a joke.

“You ain’t pulling up on no one pussy bi-” Before Chris could finish his own sentence he threw a right hook hard at Drake’s cheek. He thought it was the best idea catching them off guard as Drake stepped back and clutched his cheek to recuperate from the blow Trey lunged at Chris until he was backed up against a pole holding the basketball hoop.

“You bout to get fucked up nigga.” Trey warned before uppercutting him a moment later. Chris’ eyes instantly shut as his head jerked back from the intensity of Trey’s fist. Jermaine took a jab at Chris’ abdomen, knocking the wind out of him. While Chris leaned over and tried to get oxygen back into his system Drake walked over.

“I want you to see this shit.” Drake said grabbing Chris’ face and angling it so that he would be looking directly at Drake.

From the corner of Trey’s eye he noticed Chris ball up his fist and flex his arm as if he was going to block the punch. Trey quickly held onto Chris’ bicep.

Drake watched as Chris tried to wiggle out of both Trey and Jermaine’s hold. Drake laughed and signaled for them to let him go.

“You tryna swing again? Do it nigga.” Drake smiled. Chris was slightly disoriented but he heard “Do it nigga” and that was enough to get him heated up again. With blurry vision he threw his fist again but Drake immediately tackled him down to the concrete ground of the basketball court.

Drake propped up on one knee and took targeted aims at Chris’s ribcage. With each blow Chris winced and coughed.

Trey and Jermaine couldn’t stop themselves from getting in on the fun. They both kicked his sides a few times while yelling obscenities.

“OH MY GOD MOMMY!” A little girl’s shrill scream propelled Drake, Trey and Jermaine into reality. Making them all halt the beating.

Trey was the first one to start running to the car he had arrived in. Jermaine and Drake gave each other a look before nodding running to their cars as well.

“You better have my money next time I see you pussy nigga!” Drake shouted before getting into his car and racing out of the parking lot.

Leaving Chris on the ground with his eyes closed and head in a whirlwind.

“Do you need us to call 911?” The mother of the little girl said rushing over to help a stranded Chris.  

“No don’t call… Call my girlfriend.” He said between coughs of blood. She quickly pulled out her phone and waited for Chris to recite the number he knew by heart.


Rihanna’s House

It was a normally quiet Friday night for Rihanna. She was in her long sleeve shirt dress and had a bowl of popcorn in her lap as she caught up on all of her reality shows of the week. She watched as Kenya said something ridiculous as usual on Real Housewives of Atlanta and laughed at Phaedra’s shady confessional statement.

Suddenly, her cell phone rang and she examined the caller I.D. name and decided she wouldn’t answer because she wasn’t in the mood for feelings.

“You have one new voicemail.” Her iPhone alerted. She rolled her eyes and unlocked her phone to hear it.

“Uh, hello ma’am I’m here at the Westwood Park with your boyfriend he has suffered serious injuries, he was being beat up I’m not really sure about everything. I offered to call the police and he told me to call you. I have a child with me so I feel extremely unsafe but I’d hate to leave this man alone here in pain.”

“Rihanna…” Chris’ weak voice whispered in the background. Rihanna covered her mouth

in shock and didn’t even listen to the rest of the voicemail. She quickly slipped on the combat boots that were at the front door. She grabbed her keys out of the dish in the foyer.

She raced straight to the park with a shaky and panicked heart.


Nicki’s House

Nicki laughed at the antics on the screen of Love & Hip Hop: ATL it was the reruns from the week but she didn’t care that she’d already seen this episode twice. It was funnier each time.

Drake busted through the front door and shut it behind him just as quickly. He walked into the house and looked into the kitchen then turned toward Nicki’s parents room to inspect it.

“They’re still not home.” Nicki said, not even turning to see what her boyfriend was doing,

she just knew.

“Babe, you will not fucking believe this! You know how that bitch nigga Chris swears he

can get away without giving me my money.  We told his ass we were gonna catch him slippin and he wasn’t gonna be too happy for too long.”

“What are you saying?” Nicki asking placing the TV on mute and giving full attention to Drake now. She already told him to leave Chris alone, if he went after him she’d be furious.

“He was at the park all alone, like how dumb can you get?” Drake shook his head and proceeded with the story, “so we pulled up on him like nigga you better have my money when I come for the shit and instead of being civil he wanted to talk shit and put his hands up like he was Mike Tyson or some shit and so I felt disrespected and I wanted to let him explain himself further but instead he decided to throw a cheap shot at my cheek and then Jermaine and Trey roughed him up a bit then I finished it off but you know Jermaine and Trey couldn’t be left out so they took a few final kicks too.” Drake explained in a completely bubbly way. It was almost comical to him.

Nicki was terrified, she couldn’t even form a response.

She pulled the blanket off her legs and stood up from the couch. Her eyebrows arched down in anger.

“What the fuck is going on with you lately? You did not go jump that boy… Please tell me you did not jump that boy! I swear if he ended up in the hospital, Drake..”

“Drake? You never call me Drake…” He interrupted in confusion. Nicki sighed.

“I don’t know this side of you. I have to call this Drake. I really don’t know why you had to go fight that boy.”

“Why the fuck are you on his side? He made a bet and agreed to giving me an amount of money. In the real world he would’ve been shot and killed by now. I don’t even know how you can be mad when you literally did the same thing to Amber last year and she actually landed in the hospital.”

“But I didn’t need two other people to do it.” She said quickly. Drake looked at her and remained silent. She sighed.

“Aubrey… Baby… I don’t know, I just dont get it I guess. You said your cheek got hit?” Nicki said stepping closer to him and examining his cheek under the dim living room light. “Come here. Let me get you ice.” Nicki strutted into the kitchen and got an ice pack from the freezer. When she turned around she noticed the bruise on his cheek in harsh light. It was already purple-blue from the exposure. It was probably swelling and throbbing.

“Does it hurt babe?” She asked lightly touching it with the ice. He winced and shut his eyes.

“I’m going to take that as a yes.” She smiled and batted her eyes at him as he stared at her. She gently wiped his bruise with water before pressing and holding the ice to his cheek.

“What?” She asked feeling his stare grow more intense as he barely blinked. He pushed a strand of her black freshly permed hair behind her ear and grinned.

“You look beautiful. I love this.” Drake gushed running both his hands through her scalp. She blushed.

“Thanks.” She said before leaning into his chest and sniffing him a bit; inspecting for any scent of unfamiliar perfume.

He was clean… Tonight.

Tyga’s House

Malaya had slipped into one of Tyga’s Last King’s sweatshirts and was on a blow-up mattress on the floor with Honey next to her on her own blow-up mattress. Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones had just ended and the girls were getting tired but Tyga was nowhere near asleep. His mind couldn’t stop racing. He had the most tummy-turning feeling that Chris wasn’t okay.

“Where do you get all these Last King’s stuff from?” Malaya asked in a sleepy voice. Tyga took a minute to process what she had said because his mind was on other things.

“Oh uh, I got a dude named Trell who I’ve been hanging with since I was a youngin’ he has this little clothing line and I promote it freely. We design a lot of the shit together.”

“Aw, you want to be a fashion designer?”

“I didn’t necessarily say all that. It’s just a nice way to get income.”

“So you guys make a lot off of these clothes?”

“Well, you gotta have money to make money. So when we get money from other things we make them clean through this business. You feel me?” Tyga tried to explain without getting too detailed.

“I get it. It’s what you put on your tax returns because saying that you trap out the bando isn’t an accepted career.” Honey joked. Making them laugh and Malaya shut her eyes.

It remained silent for a good fifteen minutes, he assumed they were asleep. Tyga hesitated before moving off his bed and walking downstairs to the living room.

He called Chris and leaned on the couch waiting for him to answer. But he never did.

Tyga quickly pressed the redial button and prayed Chris would answer this time. He slipped his Lebron 9 Blackout’s on his feet before the third ring and pulled his keys off the coffee table by the fifth ring and was startled when he heard a voice.

“Ty?” Rihanna answered the phone her voice sounding unstable. Tyga knew this was

either really bad or meant Chris and Rihanna were getting freaky.

“What’s up? What are you both up to?” Tyga asked standing with his hand on the front door. Rihanna’s response would determine if he’d be going out or if he’d be in for the night.

“Chris got hurt really bad, he was at the park. I’m at the hospital right now and they just took him off on a gurney. His face looks fine but he was coughing up blood. I don’t know what happened because he seemed disoriented as fuck.”

“What hospital are you at?” Tyga asked opening his front door and jogging to his car. He unlocked the doors and slid in. Pressing the ignition button and backing out the driveway.

“We’re at Good Samaritan.”

“Alright, I’ll be there in ten minutes.” Ty assured her as he switched lanes and pressed hard on the gas.

“Okay.” Rih said before hanging up and dropping her head in her hands.


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"When is your next update?" by gabrialexis

I’d have to say tomorrow evening! :) 8PM/7PMc  

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"By the end of the book are the relationships in the book gonna be based on the relationships in reality? And is malaya blac chyna, and if not are u gonna put blac chyna in the book" by Anonymous

Malaya is Blac Chyna. 

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"Why are drake and chris beefin and why is rihanna ignoring him after they had sex" by Anonymous

They’re beefing over the weight room bet that Chris didn’t pay up too and Drake doesn’t play about his money. And Rih is ignoring Chris because she wants to be petty. Lol

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"Why doesn't trey like chris" by Anonymous

Trey doesn’t like Tyga, he has no problem with Christopher but, because Chris and Drake are beefing he’s closer with Drake so he’s on his side.

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"You have some mental problems, did you parents abandoned you? Seriously get checked" by Anonymous

wow my first hate mail! :) #niggawemadeit 

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