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Chapter 71 - No Love

Lauren’s House

“Lauren, are you okay?” Lowlah asked as she watched her sister walk through the front door with puffy eyes and a wet face. She shook her head to indicate that it was a “no” and made her way to the stairs. She took two steps and crumbled to the ground.

She was beyond exhausted, physically because of it being their first basketball game and emotionally.

“What happened?” Lowlah asked running over to hold her sister. Sitting down next to her older sibling and watching her head fall into her lap almost made her shed a tear.

“Lolo, don’t ever let Justin go okay? He’s a great guy and great guys are hard to find.” Lauren advised her. Lowlah’s eyes widened, she had been thinking about Bieber a lot more than usual but Lauren couldn’t read minds. How could she possibly know? Were there rumors?

“Huh? What do you mean by that?”  

“I just mean, not all guys are dogs sometimes it’s the girl who can fuck up everything.” She exhaled sharply before standing up and starting back up the stairs.

Lowlah watched as her sister sluggishly made it up the steps and threw her duffle bag into her bedroom before going into the bathroom as the water ran in the bathroom Lowlah thought about all she had said. How awkward that the advice was so relevant to her life.

She picked up her iPhone off the coffee table and made a quick text including a selfie that would be sure to make him remember why being with Lowlah was the best decision he had ever made considering how bad she was.


Lauren let the water run over her as she tried forgetting the events of tonight. She tried to put everything into a different perspective. Her telling Tyga was the last thing that made her feel guilty. Now that she seemed to be single, she could focus on her future. Senior year was close to an end and not everything was set in stone for what’s after high school. She had to focus on making herself better and become independent. No more depending on niggas for happiness.


Nicki’s House

“Did you see that shit? I had flight! Flight babe!” Drake shouted as he and Nicki came through the front door. Nicki laughed and prepared to respond before getting interrupted.

“Babe?! Who ya call babe?” Nicki’s mother exclaimed as she poked her head up from the couch.  

Drake covered his mouth immediately realizing what a dumb slip up that was.

“Mom, are you really watching that plastic surgery show, Botched, again?” Nicki asked trying to curve the question. Mrs. Maraj mustered up a bit of a chuckle.

“You’re not going to tell me what I can and cannot watch. I do what I want.”

Drake tried to rush up the steps while Nicki handled a bit of banter with her mother. He mentally hated himself for slipping up like that but he knew it was just his own excitement that had carried him away.

“I’m gonna go shower.” Nicki informed him as she walked past his room and into her own to drop off her bags and then two seconds later emerged with a nightgown to slip into after the shower.

Drake decided to get a few homework assignments done while he waited for Nicki’s shower to end. Before he could even get comfortable at his desk he heard a knock at the door.  

“Aubrey, it’s Mr. Maraj.” Nicki’s father announced on the other side of the closed door.

“Come in sir.”

Mr. Maraj walked in and examined the room a bit before taking a seat on Drake’s bed and taking a long breath before looking at Drake.

“Is there something wrong?”

“Actually, yes, I think I can say there is something wrong… What my wife heard tonight wasn’t the first time we’ve heard these words come out of either one of your mouths.”

Drake watched Mr. Maraj’s body language closely, he had his arms crossed over his pumped up chest. While he looked over at Drake not even seeming to blink.

“We’ve just kind of built a closeness like that sir. I understand it’s inappropriate for two friends to call each other babe and baby but those words come naturally to us, I do apologize still.”

“I do believe your apology but the part about you two being friends is bullshit.”

“What… What do you mean?” Drake feigned surprise and confusion. He prayed Mr. Maraj couldn’t see past Drake’s facial expressions.

“You’re a hormonal teenager… My daughter is beautiful, I’ve seen the way you make her blush and how she constantly touches you delicately when you two talk. Also, whenever I’m about to grab the mail in the morning right before you two get in your cars for school. I see her blow kisses to you.”

“I… I…”

“You don’t have to say anything, Aubrey. My wife and I have been trying to find a solution to this for a while now and she hasn’t exactly been onboard with the whole thing until she finally saw for herself that there is something going on between you two and we can’t have you living in our house with your girlfriend right next door. As parents that’s highly irresponsible. You must understand it’s not you because you’re a great young man its just I know how young men are and if I lived in the same house as my girlfriend and her parents weren’t always home. I’d be hittin that, every night.”

Drake couldn’t muster up the courage to look Mr. Maraj in his face. He understood completely and he should’ve known this wouldn’t be permanent as long as Nicki and him date but he thought they could’ve hid it for a while longer.

“Now, Nicki doesn’t know and we’d like to tell her because we are her parents but we won’t tell her until you have a place you’re moving to. So, I’ve got a few real estate friends who can show you apartments in the area and give you cheap prices for them. No pressure to move quickly but before prom would be most preferred.” Mr. Maraj stood up and grabbed Drake’s shoulder and shook it a bit like a father to a son.

“I approve of this relationship, I really do… But I can’t have you in this house. I wish there was another way.” As Mr. Maraj started toward the door Nicki pushed it open.

“My mom is too nos-” Nicki stopped as soon as she saw her father. “Oh hey dad.” She smiled and looked over at Drake but he gave her no expression, he simply looked away.

“What’s up Nick? I was just asking Aubrey about the game tonight.”

“Yeah, he was one of the main reasons we won. I’m so proud.” She smiled over her dad’s shoulder at him.

“Mmm.” Her father nodded as if that proved his point further.

“Keep the door open.” Drake said before her father left the room.

“Have a goodnight Aubrey.” He responded with a wink.

“Same to you sir.”

“Why did you wanna keep the door open?” Nicki asked as soon as her father was further down the stairs.

“I need to air out the room. The smell of sweat and hard work is strong.”  He joked.

“You’re so stupid.” Nicki joked. He managed a smile and looked at his girl in a t-shirt dress. Her nipples poked out indicating that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Drake couldn’t stop himself from getting excited but the speech he had just gotten from her father was enough to remind him not to push boundaries.

“So, what is this? Stats homework?” Nicki asked leaning over him to place her elbows on the desk and sort through his assignments. Her neck was right by his lips allowing him to sniff her sweet vanilla and citrus mix scent. He closed his eyes and tried to shake off the overwhelming feeling to kiss her neck and fuck her crazy on the bed.

“Babe… You’re teasin a nigga.” He whispered in her ear.

“I’m not wearing any underwear… So I’m not teasin’, I’m ready to do it.” She whispered back before running her acrylic nails over his t-shirt covered chest so it would tickle.

Drake gave her a long kiss grabbing her face and running his hand down her side. She broke the kiss to straddle his lap and continue kissing while she whined her hips. Drake realized it was getting carried away and the door was wide open. He pushed his seat back and hurriedly tried to stand her up.

“We can’t do this.” He let her down and turned to go to the bathroom and shower.


That night was the first time both of them had masturbated since Drake moved in. Romantically, they both moaned each other’s name at climax.



The Peach Pit

Gia sat across from August and devoured the rest of her carrot cake as he spoke about his few days at Estrella.

“Seems like some crazy shit goes down though. I’ve missed a lot obviously.”

“I can catch you up so you never get caught off guard.” Gia assured him. He nodded and took a sip of his Coke before licking his lips.

“So what’s up with you? Catch me up on what you’ve been in.”

“Eh… Not anything too bad. I’ve boxed out a few bitches before but my record isn’t as extensive as it could be.”

“Alright, that’s how you handle the girls now let me know how you handle the boys.”

“Oh smooth,” They laughed before letting her continue, “well, to be honest, I did have this one guy who I talked to a lot, I mean we were supposed to date but he had reservations and I was dumb to go along with it thinking I could change that.” Gia admitted. August nodded.

“I know that, when we say shit like that it’s either because we know we’re dogs and we’d rather let the girl know straight up she can’t put us on a leash but she can rock with us at her own will or we just wanna fuck.”

“Yeah… I don’t know which one he was in it for.” Gia said looking away.

“This is pretty recent huh?” August asked trying to get as much out of her as possible

without being too personal.

“Yeah… Right before I met you actually.”

“Well you should be glad you did.” He stood up and outstretched his hand.

“And why is that?” She said standing up and taking his hand. He walked her out of The Peach Pit and stood by his car with her. Hands still interlocked.

“I’m not saying I’m a great guy or anything, you know a lil nigga will always have his problems but I’m feeling you. You bad as hell, sorry, beautiful… Very beautiful. I had to correct that cause bad is what I used to tell the hoes, you’re wifey type. Definitely.” He said using his freehand to pull at the hairs on his chin.

Before August could continue Gia’s iPhone started buzzing in her back pocket.

“I’m sorry,” She apologized pulling it out and reading the contact name:

She hesitated and answered the call then slipped it back in her pocket so that Sean could hear everything.

“What else were you about to say August?”

“I was just saying that I can treat you better than that other nigga. I’m not saying I’m the best you could be with but I’ll try to show you I’m worth it and you deserve someone willing to try hard for you baby girl.” He pulled her in closer as he leaned against his vintage 1968 Ford Mustang. She couldn’t stop herself from smiling as he licked his lips and turned his snapback to the back of his head allowing their faces to be less than an inch away from each other.

“That’s extremely sweet August.” Gia seemed to whisper while staring at his pink lips. He smiled exposing his grills.

“Let me get you home. I wouldn’t want your parents to hate me already.” He said delicately pushing her up off of him.

“I live with my grandma, she doesn’t really worry too much about what time I get home. She just makes sure she sees me every morning.” Gia teased him with a wink. He laughed and pushed a strand of hair behind her ear.

“Oh, so you got it like that huh?”

“Yes I do.”

“In that case, I got somewhere else I wanna take you. It’s a place I don’t take everyone so feel special shawty.”

“Yo light skin ass probably says that to all the girls.”

“Ah, I ain’t even gon’ flex I do say that a lot.” He laughed before opening the passenger door for her and waiting until she got in. He shut the door and made his way around the car to the otherside. Gia pulled her phone out of her pocket and checked how long Sean had stayed on the phone. According to the call log it was 8 minutes, meaning he probably heard enough.

“Where are you taking me?”

“Oh so now you’re worried about where we’re going? Don’t worry, I always got heat.” He grinned. Suggesting he was riding with a gun right now.

Gia took a deep breath and although it would be unsettling for anyone else something about August made her feel comfort and warmth.


Rihanna’s House

Chris sat with his feet up on Rihanna’s coffee table and Rihanna’s head in his lap. They had been enjoying some movie on HBO for a few hours now 

and it felt like they were a couple once again.

“Why are you making me watch this?” Chris whined as he brushed her hair with his hand. She laughed and turned to look up at him.

“Because you’ll do anything I tell you to.” She winked. He nodded quickly.

“Yeah that is true.” He meant more than just this moment right here. He meant all the time, every single thing she’s told him he’s done and she still can’t see how badly he wants to be with her.

“You know what I want you to do right now?” She asked sitting up. He licked his lips and looked her up and down.


“Strip… Now.”

He stood up and walked over to the front of her flat screen television and pulled his sweater over his head to expose his cut chest and abs along with his sagging black skinny jeans and top of his plaid boxers.

“Yas!” Rihanna shouted giddily and sat up on her knees to get a better view.

“I can’t strip without music.” Chris shrugged. Rihanna quickly picked her phone up off the coffee table, went to her music and played Pum Pum Tun Up by Cham.

Chris couldn’t help but smile by the eroticness in this reggae song. He took a second to familiarize his body with the beat and then he started to sway himself casually grinding against a couch as he slipped his pants down.

Rihanna stuck her tongue out and screamed like a schoolgirl for a boy band. Chris bit his bottom lip and made his way over to her placing his arms on either side of her and grinding his chest and stomach against her. She repositioned herself to sitting with her legs open giving him the freedom to dry hump her to the beat of the song.

“Ah, Chris.” She moaned into his ear. Quickly his stripping turned into a full fledged dry hump which included some kisses and naughty things in her ear. Before long she had stripped out of her clothes too and neither of them was watching the movie.


August’s Studio

After pulling into August’s driveway, Gia followed him straight to the garage once in the garage he led her down to the basement.

“Whoa, I don’t go to basements… That’s where serial killers take victims and hide their dead bodies.” Gia joked. He grabbed her hand and pulled her down the steps quickly.

“Shut up Gia.” He laughed at how ridiculous and funny this girl was. He pulled on a chain that turned the overhead light on and then he reached for a switch that illuminated to whole area. It was gorgeous. Black leather couches lined the walls with dark nicely kept carpeted floors. The glass between the soundboard and the recording booth was shining and practically spotless.

“Wow, this place is fucking nice!” Gia exclaimed. There were guitars and framed posters with autographs aligning the pretty white walls.

“Wanna hear some stuff? By the way, this is the part I was talking about… I don’t let all girls hear tracks.”

“Sure. I’d love to.” She said taking a seat on the couch as he took a seat on the leather rolling chair in front of the sound board.

He quickly typed in a code on the macbook sitting on a dock and prepared a track for her to hear.

“It’s not done being edited or anything but it’s just a cover to a Juicy J track.” He informed her before letting it play.

Instantly, Gia was blown away by the falsetto in the singers voice it was so smooth and rich in tone. He wailed with soul and it sent a shiver down Gia’s back.

“She on a paper chase and need them rubber bands I’m like damn girl you shoulda said so what you think I’m stacking these ones for get yo ass on the dance floor and… Bands a make her dance, bands a make her dance” The singer had a flow like no other. It was unique.

“Who is that? That sounds hot.” She supported. August smirked showing a few of his bottom row golds.

“It’s me.” He informed.

Her jaw dropped.

Damn, he is an upgrade from Sean, easily.

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Nicki or Iggy?

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"Smh maybe space between Lauren and Michael is needed, but I'm over schemer 1&2 they can go now" by Anonymous

Lmao schemer 1 & 2, that’s a good one 😂😂👍 I have to use that next time!

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"So are Chris and Rihanna back together? And I knew this would happen between Lauren and Michael but call me crazy I'm not mad" by Anonymous

From the last thing we know, Chris and Rihanna are taking things EXTREMELY slow. With no labels. That gives Rih the freedom to call the shots; so one day she’ll be lovey dovey and the next she can be ice cold. It’s all to see if Chris is serious enough to put up with it. Lol

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The post originally scheduled for Sunday has been posted today. It seemed as though there was a flood of new readers and they were confused about certain things in the storyline and begged me not to post until they got half way through the chapter list! I’m so sorry, but I had to accomodate everyone! Chapter 70 is now out! ENJOY!

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Chapter 70 - Pills N’ Potions

After School

           Lowlah stood among her friends as they all waited for her boyfriends hummer-limo to make it through the parent pick up line. Justin Dior had been stopped a little further back by the football coach.

           “I didn’t see you at lunch.” The Biebs started as he stepped closer to Lowlah. She took an involuntary whiff at his crisp Gucci Guilty cologne and had to stop herself from gushing at it.

           “Uh… Me and Justin went-”

           “Justin and I… Sorry, continue.” He smiled dazzlingly. Lowlah couldn’t help herself from laughing because many times she had been the one to correct others.

           “Don’t be a grammar douche.”

           “Grammar douche? It’s always been called a grammar Nazi though…” Justin corrected.

           “Again? Really? Is your life dedicated to correcting me?” Lowlah challenged him crossing her arms and unintentionally pushing her cleavage up to the top of her shirt.

           “Uh,” he averted his eyes downward to the cleavage and then back up at her eyes, “my life could be dedicated to other things…” He said walking toward her. As soon as their bodies were parallel he leaned over to whisper in her ear.

           “My life could be dedicated to pleasing you.” He seductively cooed in her ear. She widened her eyes and caught Bahja and Breaunna’s hard stares.  

           “Yeah man, I think I’ll just walk home today.” Bieber said behind her. She whipped her head around and noticed he was giving dap to her boyfriend.

           “It’s cool dude, you have your first game tonight you don’t have to walk when I’ve got a car right here.” Justin tried to ration with him.

           “I just need to walk and think about something. Next time man, thanks.” He explained vaguely before scurrying off. Lowlah couldn’t help but think he didn’t want to ride in the car because of her.

Was she his temptation?  

           “Come on babe, the car is pulling up right now.” Justin said wrapping his arm around his girl. She smiled in his embrace but her mind was far away thinking about the Biebs.

           “Oh and Lowlah, by the way, I can’t come to the game. Coach just told me I’m apart of the weightlifting team, practice is today at LA Fitness.” He said rolling his eyes but Lowlah knew he was excited about this.

           “Really babe? The weightlifting team?” She asked with curiosity and enthusiasm just to get him talking. As he spoke about his ambitions and hopeful attitude Lowlah easily zoned out once again her mind seemed to drift to the Biebs.

Estrella High Gym: First game

           Lauren was sitting on Tyga’s lap as they shared a fully loaded Nacho BellGrande dish from Taco Bell and enjoyed the Junior Varsity game against the Compton Cobras. Lauren was wearing Ty’s black on teal Estrella High custom print Basketball hoodie, which read ”Stevenson” across the back, black spandex shorts (that she would later slip her tutu cheer skirt over), a pair of black Nike tube socks and some Jordan slides.

            “Chris open your mouth.” Rihanna battled to stuff a fry with cheese into Chris’ mouth.

            “No, I’m on a diet.” He told her through tight lips. Lauren and Tyga laughed at them, they were so silly.

            Issa ran up the court and passed the ball to Justin who made an outstanding layup to seal a 2-point lead. Lauren started clapping and shouting.

            “You better be that excited during my game.” Tyga said and nudged her off him a bit when he saw Coach Rose gesturing for the players to make their way to the locker room. She slid off of him and on to the bleacher. She leaned back to pick up and hand him his Gatorade bottle and duffel bag.

            “Good luck baby.” She fixed her lips for a kiss and he leaned back down to meet them as they kissed his free hand made it’s way into the Nacho dish to get the last three tortilla chips.

               ”Michael!” Lauren shouted as he quickly made his way down the steps with Chris right behind him. Rihanna moved up one row to sit right next to her girl.

            “So did you turn in that form to Donna Cabonna’s assistant yet about the internship?” Rihanna asked as she kept an eye on the game.

            “Not yet. I hope they haven’t filled up the position ‘cause it’s been like a week.” Lauren admitted. She wanted to do it but how discouraged this internship was making her.  

            “Yeah, I mean I’ll help you out if you dont have time to drop the paper off I can definitely do that for you.” Rihanna offered. Lauren shook her head in agreement as she watched the seconds count down on the fourth quarter of the game before she knew it her phone vibrated in the jacket’s front pocket, she pulled it out and it was a call from Draya.

            “Hey girl.” Lauren answered casually.

            “Get yo ass in the locker room.” Draya said then hung up. Lauren picked up her duffel bag and Taco Bell drink, gave Rihanna a tight hug then went down the steps.

            “Goddamn Lauren, you’re looking thick in those shorts.” Rihanna commented and then laughed.

            “I look thick all the time booboo.” Lauren replied with heavy attitude and then made her way around the excited Junior Varsity parents to drop the Taco Bell into the garbage can and walk into the open locker room door.

           Ariana stood at sidelines along with the rest of her team. The bleachers started to fill and the basketball players were running shooting drills as the clock ran down time until the first quarter.

           “Woo, we’re mighty fine!” Lauren called a cheer. After two short seconds everyone started.

           “Panthers is our name and basketball’s our game, we’ve got winning on our mind and woo we’re mighty fine! Say what? We’re mighty fine!” They all chanted while doing their choreographed dance moves in sync. The crowd clapped for the girls and awaited another cheer.

           “Hey, psst, red hair!” Someone whisper-shouted from the bleachers. Ariana instinctively turned around but made sure she paid attention to the calls. It was Evan and Tristan.

           “Can you get Lauren to look over here?” Evan asked.

           “She’s calling cheers right now.” Ariana said quickly before smiling and reciting another cheer.

           “I said Brrr, it’s cold in here. I said there must be some Panthers in the atmosphere, I said Brrr it’s cold in here, there must be some Panthers in the atmosphere I said OEOEO, ice, ice, ice, I said OEOEO, ice, ice, ice!”

           “Psst! Red head!”

           “What?” Ariana hissed at them. They smiled at her and pointed to Lauren. She rolled her eyes and decided to ignore it. She was not going to interrupt her calling cheers for some random guys on the sidelines.


           “Let’s go panthers, time for the jump line!” Kelly shouted and led the cheer team to the middle of the floor in between both teams warming up.

           One by one the girls hit their best jumps, some did toe touches, some did herkies and most executed high hurdlers.

           “Let’s go Estrella high!” They cheered in unison pumping up the crowd and getting a standing ovation from the audience.

Within moments after the Star Spangled Banner was played, the game had begun. All the cheerleaders sat on the bleachers across the court from their basketball players.

“Yo Lauren!” Someone called from behind the girls as the game started. Estrella high was in possession of the ball after the jump ball. Immediately Jermaine passed the ball to Tyga. Lauren ignored the incessant calling until Meagan decided to bring attention to it.

“Uh, Lauren, someones calling you. Can you tell them that when you’re on the cheer line you can’t talk? Isn’t that right Kelly?” Meagan asked tapping Kelly who couldn’t stop smiling at her boyfriend on the court.

“Huh?… Oh well yes, just tell him to wait until halftime to talk to you.”  Kelly dismissed the situation. Lauren rolled her eyes and stood up to spot out Evan and Tristan.

She gestured for them to stop but they simply smiled at her and waved like the mischievous beings they were. She exhaled sharply, pulled down the end of her skirt and sat down.

“I’m sorry about that.” She mumbled in embarrassment.

“It’s cool.” Kelly said quickly before clearing her throat in preparation to call a cheer.

Four rows above the cheerleaders were the sophomores waiting on the Junior Varsity players to come out of the locker room.

“They did so good!” Bahja gushed remembering every move her boyfriend Issa made so they could discuss it afterwards.

“Yeah, I didn’t know Justin was that good.” Lowlah admitted with a smile as she thought about his multiple crossovers. Breaunna and Cy-Anne nodded in agreement.

The varsity game was leading into the second quarter when the junior varsity boys emerged from the locker room with their duffle bags strapped across their chest. The boys came up the bleachers stopping occasionally to get dap and good words from friends and random observers.

Justin placed his bag down and sat directly next to Lowlah. Leaning over her to give Breaunna dap and smile over at Bahja and Cy-Anne before wrapping his arms tightly around Lowlah causing her to sniff his crispy and sexy cologne.

“Hey.” Lowlah cooed breathy in his ear. He smiled at her briefly before looking away and focusing on the game.

“You were so great out there babe. Mostly when you caught that alley from Justin and laid the ball in.” She recited vaguely something she heard someone below them say.

“Oh you saw that? You’re so cute when you talk basketball baby.” Issa said wrapping his arm around her shoulders and kissing the top of her head.

“I saw you up here cheering for me.” Justin said while continuing to watch the game. Lowlah shrugged.

“I was cheering for a team win. You just happened to be making most of the points.”

“Wow, you can’t just admit you were watching me.” Justin laughed.

“I can’t admit something that’s not true.” Lowlah giggled. He shook his head before standing up and clapping for the first dunk of the game. Done by Jermaine after a throw from Drake. As the other team passed the ball inbounds Coach Rose praised and clapped for them.

“You saw that eh? Shit was crazy!”

“I’m sitting here with you arent I, eh?” Lowlah tried to mock his canadian accent and subconscious use of “eh”.

“If you say aren’t I, you can’t use eh.” He corrected her. She rolled her eyes.

“There you go again, correcting me.”

“Oh, I’m sorry can I get you something to make up for it?”

“Huh?” Lowlah asked unsure of the question.

“I’m going to the concession stand do you want anything?”

“Oh yeah, let me get a slice of cheese pizza and a sprite.” She said before bending down to dig in her tube sock which had the design of multiple colorful donuts on it to get a ten dollar bil.

“Alright.” He said standing up and starting down the bleacher steps.   

“Wait, Justin, here’s the money.” She called down to him.

“It’s cool, it’s on me.” He winked back at her and continued down the steps disappearing out of the double doors.

“He likes you.” Cy said with a twizzler in her mouth. Lowlah looked over and tried to ignore her comment. It didn’t work.

“How do you know?” Lowlah asked with pure intrigue. Cy wiggled her eyebrows.

“I just have that intuition.” She smirked and bit off another piece of her twizzler. Lowlah rolled her eyes and sighed. Well if it was that easy to tell that Justin liked her was it obvious that she might like him back.

Zonnique took a confident strut up the bleacher steps and said “Hi” to her friends making sure she ignored Lowlah. They had never settled the Justin issue and were still enemies.

“Who’s that white boy with the tattoos? He is too fine. Does he go here?” Zonnique asked with a pounding heart. Breaunna and Bahja looked at each other trying to figure out if they were both thinking of Justin.

“His name’s Justin Bieber. He’s on the JV team.” Bre spilled some info on the new guy.

“He’s a junior, he just got here this semester.”  Bahja added.

“He is hella cute and he smiled at me when I walked in. If he likes me he better let me know cause I’m looking for a rebound.”  Zonnique bragged. Lowlah had to hold back her laughter when she heard Zonnique’s thirstiness. Justin came back into the gym with two pizzas and two drinks. Zo pushed a strand of hair behind her ear and adjusted her shirt to expose some overbearing cleavage.

“Here, they didn’t have sprite so I got you Sierra Mist ‘cause they’re basically the same thing.” Justin apologized as he handed Lowlah her food contents. She smiled at him.

“It’s okay Jussy.” She said before looking over her shoulder at Zonnique and winking. Zo’s jaw dropped as she watched Lowlah scoot over for the boy to sit and he admire her as she took a bite out of the pizza.

“Thank you for paying by the way. I’ll pay you back when I have change for a ten.” Lowlah explained. Justin shook his head.

“It’s alright, keep your money.” Justin smiled. Zonnique remained silent and placed her chin on her palm trying to minimize her anger.

“Thanks again then.”

“You won’t get away with just a thank you…you owe me a favor.” Justin said biting his bottom lip and examining her face waiting for a response.

“Favor? Like what exactly? Because I’d rather just pay you back than have something held over my head.” Lowlah said blatantly.

“It’s not a big deal… But it has something to do with something big.” He vaguely responded. Lowlah gave him an apprehensive look making him chuckle before taking a bite of the pizza.

“It better not jeopardize my relationship.” Lowlah said taking the initiative to save what she already had. Justin’s eyes practically popped out of his head.

“Woah, no I wouldn’t do that. Justin had you first, I wouldn’t sneak up and steal another dude’s chick.”

“I was just making sure.”

“Who even said I liked you? Cocky ass.”  

“Call me cocky if you want but you’re just really bad at hiding. We’ll keep this between us Justin, okay?”

“Keep what between us? Because between us I could get you if I really want to.” Justin winked. Lowlah placed her hand over her chest to feign offense.

“Oh but I’m the cocky one?!” Lowlah teased. Zonnique was eavesdropping and she was glad she had because a brilliant idea popped into her mind.

“Can you guys come to the concession stand with me?” Zo asked Bre, Bahja and Cy. Lowlah cut her eyes at them as they all went down the bleachers and out through the double doors. There was a minute and thirty seconds left on the clock and Cobras had the ball but they were down by five points.

“Lauren meet us out there at the half. Alright?” Evan said as he walked past the cheer team with his best friend, Tristan. Lauren narrowed her eyes at them and took a deep breath. She was going to find Nicki and they were going to settle things.

She had to find Nicki and they were going to settle things with these two. Lauren stood up and threw her pompoms into her duffle bag.

“There’s still time on the clock!” Meagan shouted to her. Lauren looked back and quickly rolled her eyes.

“I have something to take care of.” She vaguely told her before walking out of the double doors and into the Gym lobby. She first looked around to see if Nicki was in plain sight but she wasn’t.

She dug into her bra and pulled out her new iPhone 5, compliments of Tyga’s wallet. She started to dial Nicki’s number and called. It rang three times before the halftime buzzer went off and the Gym lobby door pushed open.

It was Malaya finishing a McDonalds grilled chicken wrap and throwing it into the garbage can. Seconds later Nicki emerged from the same door.

“I was just calling you girl.” Lauren said in the direction of the two girls while pressing the end button on the call. Malaya raised her eyebrows.

“What? Did they try to go to the club already? Cause I didn’t tell my manager about no earlier dates then-”

“No, no. I was talking to Nicki.” Lauren said politely.

“Oh.” Malaya said dryly before walking to the middle of the gym court floor.

“What’s up boo?” She asked while looking over Lauren’s shoulder at the step team getting in line at the middle of the floor.

“They’re here. I need you to confront them with me or at least be my back up. I don’t want to go out there alone.”

“Honey, the step team is performing. Uh, maybe after but I have to go.” She squeezed her hand apologetically, “coming!” She shouted to her team. Looking at Lauren one more time before 

running to her team.

With anxiety in her face Lauren made her way to the gym lobby. She had to decide what she would do.

“Yas Lauren, I see y’all doin’ the damn thing!” Cassie clapped for her. Lauren tried to fake her dimpled smile. Cassie saw through it immediately.

“Are you okay? Why do you look so sad?” She asked approaching her with open arms. Lauren couldn’t bring her arms up to hugging Cassie back.

“I’m in a whole lot of shit Cassie.” Lauren sighed.

“What do you mean? Like what?”

“Hey Lauren, we’re over here.” Tristan exclaimed from the double doors leading out to the courtyard in the night light. Lauren looked over her shoulder and motioned for Cassie to let go.

“Who are they?” Cassie asked through clenched teeth so that they couldn’t make out her words but Lauren didn’t answer. She simply turned around and walked out the doors to the two boys.

“I want to lay it all out right now. I won’t have you blackmailing me any more. It’s petty as fuck and I will have no part of it.” She started. Tristan grinned and looked over at Evan.

“Well, you know what happens if you don’t cooperate Lauren.”

“It’s not our fault you decided to cheat on your boyfriend and we got a picture of it. You feel me?” Evan winked and tried to wrap his arm over her shoulder. She backed up.

“I’m not going to beg you niggas anymore. I don’t care what you do with the picture anymore. You can still go to the club but other than that don’t fuck with me… Don’t talk to me just leave me alone.”

Lauren dropped her arms in exhaustion. Evan and Tristan’s eyes were wide. They didn’t know what to do next.

“Tyga’s going to find out about this any minute now unless you want to re-think what you just said.”

“I told you I don’t care. It’s more stressful to be blackmailed and bullied by two petty ass niggas than to just tell my boyfriend myself.” Lauren admitted to not only them but herself. She turned around and began to run back into the building bypassing Iggy and not asking if she heard anything because she was hoping she could catch Ty before the game started again.

“Michael!” Lauren shouted as she watched the Estrella High basketball team run back on the court to run a few warm up drills before the third quarter began.

“Hey babe, what’s up?” He asked quickly running out of line to the entrance where she stood fiddling her hands and avoiding eye contact.

“What’s wrong?” He asked lifting her chin with his finger. Her eyes met his and the concern he had for her well being made her want to kill herself. How could she hurt the man who care about her so much?

She took a deep breath and remembered if she didn’t tell him now, he’d find out later from everyone else.

“A boy kissed me while you were in Vietnam.”

“What?” He asked scrunching up his eyebrows and looking around trying to blame his inability to hear on something surrounding them.

“Babe, a boy kissed me while you were on vacation and a guy that was with him took a picture of it. I wanted to tell you but I just love you too much to hurt you and I didn’t want you to think I cheated. I love-”

“Why would I think you cheated if you just told me he’s the one who kissed you?”

“Because… I’ve been on a date with his friend.”

“What? Wait… What? You dated one guy and kissed a different guy while I was gone?!”

“No, he kissed me!” Lauren tried to defend herself.

“Michael!” Coach Rose called out to him and gestured for him to come back to the huddle. The buzzer sounded alerting everyone that there were thirty more seconds until the beginning of the second half. All the cheerleaders began to file back into the gym and assume their positions on the bleachers. Lauren was in a standstill.

She knew it was the right thing to do but it hurt like hell to see him walk away from her and avoid looking back.

The remainder of the game was an angry Tyga running the ball down the court and making shots with ease but never looking over to Lauren like he did every time he made a shot in the first half. Lauren’s cheers were quieter almost like a whisper because her mind was on bigger things.

The game ended with a score of 88 to 72. The Estrella High Panthers take their first win of the season! Giving them a starting record of 1-0.

“Awesome! Oh wow! Like totally freak me out I mean right on!” The cheerleaders clapped twice before continuing, “The Panthers sure are number one!” The crowd joined in nicely.

“Let’s go Panthers! Yay!” They spirited and picked up their duffle bags to exit the gym with the crowd. 

Lauren walked all the way out to the parking lot and sat on the trunk of Tyga’s Audi R8. She sat with her hands in her lap and tried to steady her breathing. It seemed like everything was moving in slow motion as she waited for Ty to come out of the locker room and approach his car.

“Gym tomorrow right? Alright, see y’all boys.” Chris made his way to the motorcycle he had parked right next to Tyga’s car.

“Where’s Rihanna?” Chris asked Lauren. She shrugged unable to make words come out of her mouth.

“We just won! What kind of a cheerleader are you?” Chris pushed her in the shoulder. She managed to lifted the corners of her mouth into a smile but nothing more. She was on the borderline of tears as she realized her man might not forgive her for this.

“I just… Uh, where’s Michael?” Her voice unintentionally cracked. He looked her up and down and her body language revealed how nervous she was.

“He’s coming out. What’s wrong?” He asked placing both hands on her shoulders. She sniffled back some snot before it ran out of her nose and looked up trying to hold back her tears.

“It’s all my fault I let everything go. I just need to talk to him.” Lauren admitted, then quickly wiped a stray tear from her eye.

“What do you mean it’s your fault? What’d you do?”

“I… I…” Lauren began but she saw her boyfriend coming toward the car now with a duffle bag across his chest the warm-up pants and a Estrella High Class of 2014 t-shirt.

“Michael, I… Can we talk?” Lauren pleaded but his face was stale. He seemed to look right through her.

“Call me before you hit the gym tomorrow alright.” Tyga spoke to Chris. Ignoring Lauren. She stared at him although he didn’t make eye contact with her.

“Alright, I got you. Lauren, cheer up baby girl.” He said turning away before it go awkward. He had his own relationship problems to deal with and he had to get over to that problem right now.

“Michael-” She started.

“Can you get off the trunk? I have to put my bag back there.” He interrupted.

“Not until you promise to talk to me.”

“I am talking to you.”  

"Michael… I love you. Nothing can change that, I swear." She hopped off the tunk and began her plea. He popped open his trunk and placed his duffle bag in. 

"Lauren, get in the car." Michael demanded as he slid into the driver’s side and shut the door. Her jaw dropped as she tried to handle this unexpected reaction. 

"Michael… Are you mad?"

He wrapped his arm around the back of the passenger seat to get a clear view out of the rear window when he backed out. 

He remained silent and pulled out of the parking lot. The only noise filling the silence was the alert of a passenger not wearing their seat belt. 

"Put your seat belt on." He said before turning up the volume on the radio. Lauren sighed and did what she was told. 

All she wanted to do was apologize, kiss the man she loved and start over but she knew if the tables were turned she wouldn’t let him off the hook that easy. 

She tried to look out the window and stop herself from crying. It helped long enough because she last the car ride home. Usually Tyga would park in her driveway, have a few final words, kiss her goodnight and say he’d be there in the morning. 

Tonight was different. 

He pressed down on the gas so his car would be at a complete stop but continue running. He unlocked the doors and kept his eyes focused on the road ahead of him, he didn’t even drop her at her front door he stopped in the street and she would have to cross to get home. 

She was astonished, never had she witnessed him being so cold. She grabbed her duffle bag from the backseat and slid out of the car. She slammed the door behind her and strutted. 

"Yo, Lauren!" Michael called for her from a rolled down window. She turned around and subconciously her heart fluttered giving her mind false hope. 

"Wait for me to call you. Don’t text me, talk to me or come look for me before then." He sternly instructed her before rolling the window back up and speed off toward the exit of the community.

She stood there in the middle of the road, the tears she had held back demanded to be let out now. Her lip began to quiver and the waterworks flowed. Streams of tears patterned her cheeks and her breathing became uncontrollable. 

Author’s Note: 

First Chris and Rihanna now Lauren and Michael, it seems like infidelity is really the leading killer for relationships. But, can either of them get over this bump in the road? They can if their relationship is worth it but it’s fun to watch all of it unfold. 

Next update on Thursday be on the look out! #TeamWelldone

Leave me feedback and your own gossip in my ask box! I love reading and responding to you guys :* 


Ask any and every question you want about anything going on with well done and it will be answered! I’d like to make sure we’re all on the same page before my update on SUNDAY!

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It’s officially summer vacay for me, do you all know what that means? ;) 

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Chapter 69 - Pep Rally ღ


            “Ladies and gentleman,” Mr. Hall announced through his bullhorn. Christina hit Rihanna in the arm signaling her to stop talking.

            “Get ready for the lady panthers!” He roared along with the crowd in the bleachers.

            Kelly and Meagan opened the doors of the left wing of the gym while Lauren and Amber opened the doors on the right wing as soon as they stepped into the gym the lights shut off; the crowds terrified screams drowned out the noise of the cheer team running to assume their positions in the middle of the court.

            “PANTHERS!” Kelly yelled. A spotlight shun on her.

            “Let  me hear y’all roar!” Meagan shouted and the spotlight turned into strobe lights, the cheer music began and the team started dancing. The lights made their moving bodies look unearthly.

            “WOOO!” Rihanna stomped loudly as she pumped her fist in the air. Christina along with Lowlah began stomping too.

            Every cheerleader followed the choreography perfectly. Lauren and Meagan, were front and center they both executed a high kick as the rest of the girls formed a pyramid. After the high kick Lauren and Meagan did three 360-spin pirouettes and then dropped into splits. Elle and Ariana threw Willow into the air, caught her and held her up by her ankles. Lauren and Meagan shot their arms up instantaneously and when Willow felt secure in Ariana and Elle’s arms she stuck her skinny arms up into the air. The crowd went ballistic.

            “MOOOVE GET OUT THE WAY, GET OUT THE WAY, MOOVE!”  Ludacris blasted quickly disrupting the high-pumped dub step cheer music.  The cheerleaders all made sure everyone was on the ground before they got in a huddle and casually backed away. The step team came stomping through; Nicki, Breaunna, Honey, Zonnique, Lucci & Tami were wearing black crop top t-shirts, black cargo short-shorts and black high-top Nikes while the other six: Tae, Bahja, Malaya, Gia, Sarah & Miley were wearing blue crop top t-shirts, black cargo short-shorts and black high-top Nikes, which made the cheer team look juvenile in their cropped long sleeve cheer top, short cheer-tutu and white Nikes.

            “We betta den the rest, you can put us to the test. When we roar we make it heard cause lady panthers rule the world.” The step team chanted in unison while the cheer team dispersed.

            “How low can you goo, how low can you goo!” Another Luda song penetrated the gym speakers. The step team split up into groups with their coordinated colors. Malaya was the dancer for the blue group so she stepped out in front of everyone and started twerking. She bounced the left cheek then the right cheek, after a short pause she started bouncing both cheeks.  The boys in the crowd went wild while the teachers had to avert their eyes. The blue team clapped and cheered her on but the black team Boo-d her out.

            “What y’all booing for?” Gia shouted, defensively stepping to the black team. The “fight” that they had rehearsed in practice many times caught the attention of the unknowing crowd.

            “That was wack!” Zonnique, a member of the black team, stepped to Gia and pointed her finger in her face.

            “Oh yeah? Well let me see you do better.” Tae challenged them from her spot on the blue team.

            “Oh we will.” Nicki said gently nudging Zo aside and stepping to where Malaya stood. They stared each other down until Malaya backed up.

            Nicki snapped her fingers and just like that the song changed to Ciara’s Ride It.

            Without a doubt Nicki beat out Malaya. Nicki was whirling her hips, lifting her legs, flipping her hair and making every boy in the gym rise.

            Malaya stage-pushed Nicki out of the way and tried to take over but Nicki pushed her back. The teams pulled their representative dancers away and huddled up. The crowd still had no idea all of this was rehearsed.   

            “We’re black.” The black team stomped making their side of the gym tremble.

            “We’re blue.” The blue team mimicked.

            “We’ll put the hurt on you.” The black team clapped and hit their chest repeatedly.

            “We’re bad.” The blue team jumped and made the ground quake.

            “We’re tough.” The black team copied.

            “We like it kinda rough.” They simultaneously spun their heads around and twirled their foot in the air behind them. The boys in the crowd started whistling.

            “Estrella high, that’s the team.” Both crews stomped.

            “Lady Panthers, yeah, we’re mean.” The step team pointed to the left where the Cheerleaders were entering again with their pom-poms in hand.

            “We’re about to show you what to do.” The cheerleaders and the step team pointed to the left where the mascot (Leon) and the water boy, Jacob Latimore were holding up the school’s spirit banner.

            “Let us introduce the crew.” Everyone on the gym floor shouted and then ran alongside the mascot and Jacob who had just arrived on the center of the court.

            “Introducing the 2012 Junior Varsity Panthers!” Mr. Hall shouted and the lights shut out again, leaving a single spotlight on the gym door. One by one, the team filed in to the gym dribbling and showing out.

            Justin pushed through the door and made every girl in the gym scream. He dribbled the ball between his legs did a spin move and then stood by the cheerleaders. Issa took his ball put it behind his back let it roll to the floor, picked it up and spun it on his finger. Christopher rolled the ball up and down his arm crossed it between his legs shot it straight up in the air and caught it. Trey and Craig ran up the court passing the ball to each other in cool renditions.

            “Justin Bieber, Issa Thompson, Christopher Moore, Trey Young, and Craig Crippen are the starters of the Junior Varsity team, while they will be aided by, Jacob Perez, Randy Norwood and Jacob Latimore.”

            Everyone politely clapped for the team as they stood along side the big white banner. When the gym fell almost silent Mr. Hall shouted threw the bullhorn again.

            “Now get ready for the most anticipated team comeback of the year. Estrella high hasn’t seen a team this crazy since the freshman’s of ’07. Make some noise for the 2014 Varsity team!”

            The speakers started pumping Kurtis Blow’s classic song “Basketball”, everyone in the crowd started singing along to the incomparable hook. The cheerleaders and step team, alike, started screaming and shouting as the Varsity Team ran through and broke the banner, they were sporting the full “Estrella High” basketball suits, sponsored by Adidas which Coach Rose had ordered; They all matched coordinately with their teal on white sweat bands, teal and white custom Nike Zoom Lebron 7’s and silver dog tag’s with their individual name’s engraved in them.

            “First up is Michael Stevenson, a senior at Estrella and only 5’8 but that doesn’t stop him from running through and passing it through the paint, like the point guard he is.” Mr. Hall introduced Tyga. Tyga stepped out of line waved his hand did a little shoulder jig then stepped back.

            “Second, we gotta give props up to Christopher Brown, also a senior but at a height of 6 foot flat he’s suited to be the Panthers small forward.” Chris stepped up with his tongue hanging out of his mouth as he hit the dougie and the cat daddy then stepped back in line.

            “That’s my baby!” Rihanna screamed standing up from her position on the bleachers then sitting down remembering their current struggle.

‘I guess it was easier to love him.’ She thought.

            “Next, we got the smooth Trigga Trey Neverson, a senior, standing at 5 foot 10, they call him trigga for a reason cause as soon as the ball leaves his hands you know it’s sure to be a good shot.” Trey stepped out dusted off his shoulders, flexed his muscles then stepped back in line. Keri awkwardly clapped extremely loud causing the teachers around her to give her a sideways glance.

            “He’s an extremely good student.” Keri excused herself and stopped clapping.  

            “We got the youngin’ on the team, a junior, Daniel Diggy Simmons, hailing at a height of 5 foot 8. He’s got the best three-point accuracy you can ever wish for and with a girl like Kelly it seems like what Diggy wishes for… he gets.” Diggy ran around the team and pulled Kelly out of the huddle of Cheerleaders. She tried to pull away but he scooped her up and cradled her like a baby in his arms in front of the whole school. Kelly put her hand over her face and Diggy smiled confidently. The crowd laughed as he placed Kelly back down and she ran away. Diggy stood back in line as Tyga rolled his eyes.

            “Make some noise for the big man, the center, Mister Jermaine Cole, 6 feet 3 inches tall knocking people down and dunking on heads, he’s making a name for himself as a smart senior an incredible player and an avid charity worker.” Jermaine stepped out and humbly smiled then stepped back in line.

            “Then we got mini Wayne Carter, the Canada boy, Aubrey better known as Drake Graham, the shorty Romeo Miller, the mixed-boy Blake Griffin, the youngin #2 Justin Combs, the buzza-beater Kobe Bryant and the silent-killa Clifford Harris all sitting on the bench, but damn the bench is so good that every game the starting line up could look different.” The gym roared with laughter, Mr. Hall was definitely the best announcer ever. The cheerleaders grabbed the arm of their pre-chosen basketball partners.

            The couples were: Lauren and Tyga, Elle and Chris, Meagan and Trey, Kelly, being held by, Diggy, Ariana and Jermaine, Draya and T.I., Amber and Drake, Rita and Wayne, Willow and Shad, then Demi and Wiz. The boys who remained were escorted alongside the step team. The performers and basketball team exited out in excitement with the song “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” by Michael Jackson filling the gym. The crowd couldn’t resist dancing to the disco fever of the song. The song volume was lowered when the cheer team, step team and basketball team exited.

            Coach Rose stood up from the Teacher section of the bleachers with a microphone in his hand and walked to the center of the court.

            “Panthers first game tonight at 6 against the Compton Cobras, freshman game is free, Junior Varsity fee is two dollars and the Varsity fee is three dollars. Food, drinks and novelty items will be sold at the concession stand before you walk into the gym. I want to see all you guys there, everyone who buys a season pass will get one grade bump to whatever class they choose.” Mr. Rose announced and everyone mumbled in agreement that they would buy the season pass. He passed the mic to Ms. Knowles.

            “The cheer team will be keeping the crowd involved so even y’all girls who think sports are boring will have some fun at every game!” Ms. Knowles persuaded the snobby girls in the gym.

            “And the step team,” Tanisha said as she yanked the microphone out of Ms. Knowles hands, “will be doing that and so much more, give your music requests to any girl on the step team and we’ll send it up to our sound mixers, Safaree Samuels and August Alsina before every game.” She smiled and gave Ms. Knowles the mic.

            “So I want to see you guys tonight at 6, invite all your friends anyone can come just fill out those bleachers.” Ms. Knowles said and passed the microphone to Coach Rose who finished off the pep rally.

            “Go Panthers!” He shouted and the whole gym repeated it. Everyone stayed in the gym for the remainder of second period listening to music, talking and having a fun time.

Break (After Second Period)

Lauren, Nicki and Rihanna strutted across the courtyard to the table they frequently sat at. They all seemed to be thinking about other things as they took a seat and didn’t speak.

“Well yeah, I am like three years older than you.” They heard Drake nearing. Nicki looked up and watched as her man entertained Cy-Anne’s sophomore’s courtsey.

“So, we all know age is just a number. It’s all about what’s in here and here.” She said pointing at her heart and head. He nodded.

“That is true, but when niggas start thinking with what’s down here,” he stopped walking to point at the member below his waist, “that’s when age isn’t just a number because jail isn’t just room.” He joked making Cy laugh loud and forcefully. He chuckled as he made it to the table.

“Hey baby.” Nicki greeted him as he walked over and sat next to her. Giving her a kiss on the lips. Cy politely waited for them to stop and smiled at both of them.

“I’ll see you at the game tonight.”

“Oh, you’re coming? Great, I’ll see you.” He waved her away. She turned around and awkwardly scurried off before tripping over her own feet at the last step of the courtyard’s cement steps.  

“Cy, are you okay?!” Drake stood up and paced over quickly watching her push herself off the ground and picking up her binder.

“I’m good, I’m good.” She turned around quickly and limped to the nearest bathroom. He shook his head and exhaled sharply.

“Kids.” He said in a paternal tone. Nicki looked at him with scrunched eyebrows.

“Kids? What do you know about kids?”

“I know I want seven of them.” He admitted placing his nose between her jaw line and shoulder.

“Seven? I was thinking more like two.” Nicki countered. He raised his eyebrows.

“Nah, that’s not gonna work for me.” He stubbornly responded.

Lauren laughed at their contradicting future dreams.

“Boys always want more kids than the girls do because they don’t know about the pain of carrying a kid for nine months.” Lauren added.

“Mhm,” Nicki nodded her head agreeing strongly with Lauren’s comment.

“Well if we could trade places with you guys we would. I bet we could handle the pain and not whine as much as you girls do.” Tyga teased as he walked up behind Lauren and inserted himself in the conversation.

“Mhm,” Drake mocked Nicki.  Tyga sat down next to Lauren and gave dap to Drake across the table.

“You guys don’t know anything about how that feels to have something growing out of your stomach and needing to push it out feels like hell.”

“I bet it feels like pushing out a really big piece of shit after being constipated for a few days.”

“Ew! Can you not?!” Lauren shrieked pushing him in his chest. Everyone at the table laughed. Except for Rihanna who was by herself on her side of the table with her chin on her palm.

“Rih, I need to go to the bathroom can you come with me?” Nicki stood up and grabbed her best friends hand.

“Oh, I need to go to.” Lauren stood up and ran over toward them.

Tyga and Drake were cordial since the incident in the weight room a few days ago but they weren’t friends on any level nor were they ready to associate without reason. Without a word Drake stood up to go find his friends.

Vending machines

Chris inserted a dollar in the chips machine and punched in his combination of three numbers and letters. As he awaited his Doritos, a familiar face made her way toward him.

“Hey stranger.” She greeted him with a sly smile. His lips fell into a hard line as he nodded his head at her. Before he could bend down and grab his chips she bent over, ass in the air and reached in for them herself.

“There you go. I wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself before your game tonight.” She bit her bottom lip and got closer to him. He tensed up and took the bag from her hands.

“Thank you Karrueche.” He said and tried to walk around her. But she grabbed his ass and made him turn around to her again.

“Don’t do that shit, Kae.” He instructed her. She giggled and wrinkled her nose up in the cutest way. It didn’t phase him, he narrowed his eyes at her and waited for her next antic.

“Chris, don’t you miss my hands… How they used to touch you…” She said placing her petite hands on his chest and tracing down his abs. He grabbed her wrist and forcefullly placed it at her side.

“You never touched me like that because we never did anything. I don’t fuck with you for a reason, all you want to do cause trouble. I love Rihanna and you couldn’t handle that so you ran around saying I cheated on her with you but we didn’t do shit Kae, you got people thinking we did.”

“I never told anybody that. How Rihanna found out about me is a mystery to me too. Shit, if I knew I probably would’ve avoided an ass whooping.”

“Ass whooping? From who?” Chris asked unknowingly. Karrueche opened her mouth as if she was about to say something until she noticed someone approaching from over his shoulder. She gasped and quickly hid behind the vending machine out of sight of the oncoming person.

“What the fuck…” Chris mumbled before turning around and seeing Rihanna, Lauren and Nicki approach him.

“Hey Chris.” Nicki and Lauren seemed to say in unison before turning toward the vending machine and placing a dollar in it before fiddling with the keypad.

“What’s up?” Rihanna said walking toward the tree further away from the vending machines. Chris followed assuming she wanted him to.

“You look beautiful today.” Chris complimented her as she leaned against the old bark tree.

“Aw, I tried for you today. I had a realization actually, that’s why I wanted to talk to you, uh… after they said your name during the pep rally and you started dancing… I remembered how funny you were and I… I feel like a little bitch right now saying this.” She said making Chris laugh.

“You miss me?” He asked although it sounded like a statement. She pushed him in the chest with her finger before putting that same finger in his face.

“I won’t be on that lovey-dovey shit if that’s what you’re thinking but I just… Think we should start kicking it again. The way you handled yourself last night meant alot to me.” She confessed. He smiled big showing off his dimples.

“Alright, I’ll pick you up after school right before the game. We can get a bite to eat. Sounds cool?”

“Definitely, I’ll be ready.” She winked at him. As she walked back towards her girls he watched her saunter away. He leaned against the tree and opened up his bag of chips. He was on his way to getting his woman back. From the corner of his eye he watched Karrueche approach him. He rolled his eyes.

“What do you want Karrueche?”

“I wanna talk. I miss talking to you, just as a friend.”

“Did you see who I was just talking to? That beautiful girl? She’s the only girl I want to be talking to right now. I’m sorry, we did have a little thang but there’s nothing I want from you anymore. If you need closure I understand but trying to talk to me again isn’t closure it would just be another mistake.” He said and walked away.

“Chris, wait!” Kae called after him but he didn’t stop. She decided not to follow him. Maybe it really was over, all of it.

The sideline never seems to win.

Before she knew it the bell rang and it was time for third period.

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