"Why did nicki let drake get off that easy?" by Anonymous

Nicki didn’t necessarily feel like it was a big enough deal to yell and scream and put a dent in the relationship between her and Drake. Also keep in mind that she has no idea why he hasn’t been having sex with her lately she doesn’t want to push him further away from him and into the arms of “someone else”; that’s why she sniffed him to make sure he wasn’t fucking around. 

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"Your a pussy if you gonna jump somebody...hope chris is okay." by Anonymous

Enough said.

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Chapter 72 (Part 2) - ***Flawless (Remix)



“Come on J cheer up I mean yeah she was thick and all that but she came with baggage so it’s probably a blessing in disguise.” Drake said rationally trying to cheer his boy up.

“Yeah Drake’s right and I heard that new girl Mehgan likes you anyway.” Trey said remembering what he heard earlier.

“The pretty one with the long hair and nice titties?” Jermaine said cheering up a bit while dribbling the basketball.  

“Yeah, you’re over Malaya already my g?” Trey joked as the all laughed until they heard a mans voice talking in the distance ahead.

“Oh shit we can do a 2-on-2 if that nigga over there is down for it.” J said as he tried to make out the figure sitting under the basketball hoop.

“True but Trey is on the team with the random!” Drake called out as if he was calling dibs on shotgun. They joked until they got within 20 yards of the person and then they stopped, looked over and realized who it was. Drake immediately threw the basketball down.

“You got my money nigga?!” He shouted. As the three guys slowly got closer to him Chris hopped up and put his set up.

“What’s up pussy albino bitch?!” Chris spat at Drake while mean mugging Trey and Jermaine waiting to see who would take the first blow.

“Even though you see us pulling up on you and you’re out numbered you still got so much shit to say.” Drake shook his head in disbelief with his arms down, hands locked. He smirked while looking at Chris who took this as a joke.

“You ain’t pulling up on no one pussy bi-” Before Chris could finish his own sentence he threw a right hook hard at Drake’s cheek. He thought it was the best idea catching them off guard as Drake stepped back and clutched his cheek to recuperate from the blow Trey lunged at Chris until he was backed up against a pole holding the basketball hoop.

“You bout to get fucked up nigga.” Trey warned before uppercutting him a moment later. Chris’ eyes instantly shut as his head jerked back from the intensity of Trey’s fist. Jermaine took a jab at Chris’ abdomen, knocking the wind out of him. While Chris leaned over and tried to get oxygen back into his system Drake walked over.

“I want you to see this shit.” Drake said grabbing Chris’ face and angling it so that he would be looking directly at Drake.

From the corner of Trey’s eye he noticed Chris ball up his fist and flex his arm as if he was going to block the punch. Trey quickly held onto Chris’ bicep.

Drake watched as Chris tried to wiggle out of both Trey and Jermaine’s hold. Drake laughed and signaled for them to let him go.

“You tryna swing again? Do it nigga.” Drake smiled. Chris was slightly disoriented but he heard “Do it nigga” and that was enough to get him heated up again. With blurry vision he threw his fist again but Drake immediately tackled him down to the concrete ground of the basketball court.

Drake propped up on one knee and took targeted aims at Chris’s ribcage. With each blow Chris winced and coughed.

Trey and Jermaine couldn’t stop themselves from getting in on the fun. They both kicked his sides a few times while yelling obscenities.

“OH MY GOD MOMMY!” A little girl’s shrill scream propelled Drake, Trey and Jermaine into reality. Making them all halt the beating.

Trey was the first one to start running to the car he had arrived in. Jermaine and Drake gave each other a look before nodding running to their cars as well.

“You better have my money next time I see you pussy nigga!” Drake shouted before getting into his car and racing out of the parking lot.

Leaving Chris on the ground with his eyes closed and head in a whirlwind.

“Do you need us to call 911?” The mother of the little girl said rushing over to help a stranded Chris.  

“No don’t call… Call my girlfriend.” He said between coughs of blood. She quickly pulled out her phone and waited for Chris to recite the number he knew by heart.


Rihanna’s House

It was a normally quiet Friday night for Rihanna. She was in her long sleeve shirt dress and had a bowl of popcorn in her lap as she caught up on all of her reality shows of the week. She watched as Kenya said something ridiculous as usual on Real Housewives of Atlanta and laughed at Phaedra’s shady confessional statement.

Suddenly, her cell phone rang and she examined the caller I.D. name and decided she wouldn’t answer because she wasn’t in the mood for feelings.

“You have one new voicemail.” Her iPhone alerted. She rolled her eyes and unlocked her phone to hear it.

“Uh, hello ma’am I’m here at the Westwood Park with your boyfriend he has suffered serious injuries, he was being beat up I’m not really sure about everything. I offered to call the police and he told me to call you. I have a child with me so I feel extremely unsafe but I’d hate to leave this man alone here in pain.”

“Rihanna…” Chris’ weak voice whispered in the background. Rihanna covered her mouth

in shock and didn’t even listen to the rest of the voicemail. She quickly slipped on the combat boots that were at the front door. She grabbed her keys out of the dish in the foyer.

She raced straight to the park with a shaky and panicked heart.


Nicki’s House

Nicki laughed at the antics on the screen of Love & Hip Hop: ATL it was the reruns from the week but she didn’t care that she’d already seen this episode twice. It was funnier each time.

Drake busted through the front door and shut it behind him just as quickly. He walked into the house and looked into the kitchen then turned toward Nicki’s parents room to inspect it.

“They’re still not home.” Nicki said, not even turning to see what her boyfriend was doing,

she just knew.

“Babe, you will not fucking believe this! You know how that bitch nigga Chris swears he

can get away without giving me my money.  We told his ass we were gonna catch him slippin and he wasn’t gonna be too happy for too long.”

“What are you saying?” Nicki asking placing the TV on mute and giving full attention to Drake now. She already told him to leave Chris alone, if he went after him she’d be furious.

“He was at the park all alone, like how dumb can you get?” Drake shook his head and proceeded with the story, “so we pulled up on him like nigga you better have my money when I come for the shit and instead of being civil he wanted to talk shit and put his hands up like he was Mike Tyson or some shit and so I felt disrespected and I wanted to let him explain himself further but instead he decided to throw a cheap shot at my cheek and then Jermaine and Trey roughed him up a bit then I finished it off but you know Jermaine and Trey couldn’t be left out so they took a few final kicks too.” Drake explained in a completely bubbly way. It was almost comical to him.

Nicki was terrified, she couldn’t even form a response.

She pulled the blanket off her legs and stood up from the couch. Her eyebrows arched down in anger.

“What the fuck is going on with you lately? You did not go jump that boy… Please tell me you did not jump that boy! I swear if he ended up in the hospital, Drake..”

“Drake? You never call me Drake…” He interrupted in confusion. Nicki sighed.

“I don’t know this side of you. I have to call this Drake. I really don’t know why you had to go fight that boy.”

“Why the fuck are you on his side? He made a bet and agreed to giving me an amount of money. In the real world he would’ve been shot and killed by now. I don’t even know how you can be mad when you literally did the same thing to Amber last year and she actually landed in the hospital.”

“But I didn’t need two other people to do it.” She said quickly. Drake looked at her and remained silent. She sighed.

“Aubrey… Baby… I don’t know, I just dont get it I guess. You said your cheek got hit?” Nicki said stepping closer to him and examining his cheek under the dim living room light. “Come here. Let me get you ice.” Nicki strutted into the kitchen and got an ice pack from the freezer. When she turned around she noticed the bruise on his cheek in harsh light. It was already purple-blue from the exposure. It was probably swelling and throbbing.

“Does it hurt babe?” She asked lightly touching it with the ice. He winced and shut his eyes.

“I’m going to take that as a yes.” She smiled and batted her eyes at him as he stared at her. She gently wiped his bruise with water before pressing and holding the ice to his cheek.

“What?” She asked feeling his stare grow more intense as he barely blinked. He pushed a strand of her black freshly permed hair behind her ear and grinned.

“You look beautiful. I love this.” Drake gushed running both his hands through her scalp. She blushed.

“Thanks.” She said before leaning into his chest and sniffing him a bit; inspecting for any scent of unfamiliar perfume.

He was clean… Tonight.

Tyga’s House

Malaya had slipped into one of Tyga’s Last King’s sweatshirts and was on a blow-up mattress on the floor with Honey next to her on her own blow-up mattress. Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones had just ended and the girls were getting tired but Tyga was nowhere near asleep. His mind couldn’t stop racing. He had the most tummy-turning feeling that Chris wasn’t okay.

“Where do you get all these Last King’s stuff from?” Malaya asked in a sleepy voice. Tyga took a minute to process what she had said because his mind was on other things.

“Oh uh, I got a dude named Trell who I’ve been hanging with since I was a youngin’ he has this little clothing line and I promote it freely. We design a lot of the shit together.”

“Aw, you want to be a fashion designer?”

“I didn’t necessarily say all that. It’s just a nice way to get income.”

“So you guys make a lot off of these clothes?”

“Well, you gotta have money to make money. So when we get money from other things we make them clean through this business. You feel me?” Tyga tried to explain without getting too detailed.

“I get it. It’s what you put on your tax returns because saying that you trap out the bando isn’t an accepted career.” Honey joked. Making them laugh and Malaya shut her eyes.

It remained silent for a good fifteen minutes, he assumed they were asleep. Tyga hesitated before moving off his bed and walking downstairs to the living room.

He called Chris and leaned on the couch waiting for him to answer. But he never did.

Tyga quickly pressed the redial button and prayed Chris would answer this time. He slipped his Lebron 9 Blackout’s on his feet before the third ring and pulled his keys off the coffee table by the fifth ring and was startled when he heard a voice.

“Ty?” Rihanna answered the phone her voice sounding unstable. Tyga knew this was

either really bad or meant Chris and Rihanna were getting freaky.

“What’s up? What are you both up to?” Tyga asked standing with his hand on the front door. Rihanna’s response would determine if he’d be going out or if he’d be in for the night.

“Chris got hurt really bad, he was at the park. I’m at the hospital right now and they just took him off on a gurney. His face looks fine but he was coughing up blood. I don’t know what happened because he seemed disoriented as fuck.”

“What hospital are you at?” Tyga asked opening his front door and jogging to his car. He unlocked the doors and slid in. Pressing the ignition button and backing out the driveway.

“We’re at Good Samaritan.”

“Alright, I’ll be there in ten minutes.” Ty assured her as he switched lanes and pressed hard on the gas.

“Okay.” Rih said before hanging up and dropping her head in her hands.


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"When is your next update?" by gabrialexis

I’d have to say tomorrow evening! :) 8PM/7PMc  

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"By the end of the book are the relationships in the book gonna be based on the relationships in reality? And is malaya blac chyna, and if not are u gonna put blac chyna in the book" by Anonymous

Malaya is Blac Chyna. 

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"Why are drake and chris beefin and why is rihanna ignoring him after they had sex" by Anonymous

They’re beefing over the weight room bet that Chris didn’t pay up too and Drake doesn’t play about his money. And Rih is ignoring Chris because she wants to be petty. Lol

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"Why doesn't trey like chris" by Anonymous

Trey doesn’t like Tyga, he has no problem with Christopher but, because Chris and Drake are beefing he’s closer with Drake so he’s on his side.

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"You have some mental problems, did you parents abandoned you? Seriously get checked" by Anonymous

wow my first hate mail! :) #niggawemadeit 

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Chapter 72 (Part 1) - Bang Bang

Malaya’s House

                   As she pushed the last of her siblings out the door and to the direction of the school bus she sighed, ‘Finally a moment of silence’ she thought. Zooming through the house picking up all her essential school supplies and slipping them into her Louis Vuitton tote and slinging it over her shoulder.

                   She checked up on her cup of homemade Keurig coffee when her iPhone began to ring. She grabbed a cheese danish quickly before pulling her phone out of her back pocket.

                  “Hello?” She answered in a rush without checking the caller I.D.

                  “What’s up? You sound out of breath baby.” Jermaine asked. Malaya rolled her eyes. She wasn’t surprised that it was Jermaine. He had become so clingy after Christmas and it was becoming overwhelming.

                  “I was just getting coffee and I’m trying to get everything in my bag before school. I’ll see you when I get there okay?”

                  “Oh no you wont, you’ll see me much sooner than that.” He informed her and then hung up. Malaya didn’t have the time to ponder her mind for the answers to his riddles she simply ran up the stairs two at a time to slip into a pair of comfy leopard print Steve Madden loafers and snatched the keys off the dresser.

After making the tiring trip back down the steps she shut all the lights and took a quick sip of her coffee before opening the door and locking it behind her. She stared out and saw Jermaine leaning on her car with a bouquet of flowers.

                  “Flowers just because it’s Friday.” Jermaine winked and handed her the assortment of roses, lilies, daffodils and hydrangeas. Malaya weakly smiled showing no teeth.

                  “Aw, that’s so sweet.” She said placing a kiss on his cheek. He scrunched up his eyebrows and looked at her like she was crazy.

                  “Really? A kiss on the cheek? Girl stop playin’.” He grabbed her arm and pulled her on him lifting her chin with the other hand and wrapping his arm around her lower back with the other hand.

                  “Jermaine I just drank coffee! I have like caffeine breath.” She tried to wriggle out of his

grasp. He laughed and let her go.

                  “I guess Malaya, just know I won’t let you out of the car until you kiss me.” Jermaine teased. Malaya now gave him the look he gave her early.

                  “You won’t let me out of the car?” Malaya didn’t understand. Jermaine pointed at his all black 2011 Bugatti Veyron.

                  “I’m already here. You might as well.”

                  “But I already locked the door and I have my keys in my hand, I might as well just-”

                  “But I’m closer to the road than your car is. You would have to back out of the driveway and I’m already in the road-”

                  “But you know what I actually have somewhere to be today like directly after school and you have basketball practice so.”

                  “Okay, you win. I’ll take you next time. Enjoy your flowers.” He leaned down to kiss her and she kept her eyes open as he pecked her mouth, she remained limp and didn’t even kiss him back.

                  “Yeah… Thanks again for the flowers.” She said walking away from him to the driver’s side of her white Mercedes.

                  “Damn, I hate to see you go but you know how much I love to watch you leave.” He licked his lips and tried to catch her smile as he walked down the driveway. She didn’t do more than a smirk. A pitiful, I-feel-sorry-for-this-nigga smirk.

After Second Period Break

Malaya walked out of Ms. Tanisha’s AP Physics classroom with Rihanna whining about the test they were going to take on Monday.

                  “I know, I’m trying to find a way to cheat on it.” Rihanna joked. Malaya kept a serious face.

                  “If you find a way bitch you better share.” They both laughed. Jermaine was leaning against the lockers that lead to the double door exit.

Malaya and Rihanna continued to talk and laugh passing Jermaine without even noticing he was there.

                  “Really babe? You just gon’ pass me like that.” He called out to her with a smile on his face. Malaya turned and waved at him quickly.

                  “What’s up?” She asked with one hand on the door, impatiently waiting for his response.

                  “What do you mean? Chill out, you look irritable.” He said placing his arm over her shoulder. She rolled her eyes again and took a deep breath.

                  “I’m not irritable. I just want to enjoy this break.” She admitted. Rihanna nodded her head in agreement.

                  “Hell yeah girl.”

                  “Alright, so where are we gonna sit?” Jermaine asked smiling at both Rihanna and Malaya. Rih looked out towards the courtyard and thought about where they could comfortably sit and pop open her bag of Spicy Pork Rinds that she’s been itching to eat since this morning.

                  “How about-”

                  “You know what Jermaine,” Malaya started cutting off Rihanna, “I can’t right now… Actually I can’t at all.”

Rihanna looked over at Malaya and Jermaine wondering if she was serious. He looked at her with utter confusion as she pushed his arm off her shoulders.

                  “Yo, what you saying by that?” Jermaine asked as she pushed the door open. She turned around and looked directly in his eyes.

                  “You’re too much. You’re a sweetheart and you’re great at listening but when it comes down to it Jermaine… You’re clingy. I feel like if we’re not with each other you go crazy, I don’t know how to be with someone as much as you want to be with me. I’m suffocated. I need space to breathe. Let me breathe!”

                  “What the fuck are you even talking about?”

                  “I’m over it Jermaine, I can’t be with you anymore, plain and simple.” Malaya said. Rihanna looked at the floor and shifted her eyes back and forth between the steps and the school floor. The situation was way too awkward for her to be around.

Rihanna looked up to see if she could escape and she noticed the crowd of people behind jermaine and the audience outside all witnessing the live breakup.

                  “Oh, you can’t be with me no more?” Jermaine asked.

                  “No and I’m sorry I have to be this rude but you wouldn’t get the hint any other way.”

                  “Nah fuck that, you’re not sorry. You can go ahead and be an asshole but you can’t unsuck this dick!” He shouted causing all the onlookers to roar in laughter and shock. Rihanna’s eyes practically popped out of her head. This shit was getting messy.

Malaya shook her head and stared at the man she had just lost. She was going to tell him that she had decided they were better off friends because maybe the relationship aspect was causing him to cling on to her.

                  “Wow, I really thought I was going to regret this too. Nice to see how you deal with things that don’t go your way.”  

Jermaine sucked his teeth and rolled his eyes at her before walking down the hallway to the next double door exit or maybe a bathroom to cry?

Third Period: English: Ms. Perry

                   The lights were dim in the classroom while Ms. Perry presented the 1996 version of “Romeo + Juliet” starring Leonardo Di-Caprio. Practically every girl in the classroom has seen this film thirteen times and the boys were nowhere near interested to watch it for the first time so as Ms. Perry turned her seat toward the projector screen and scarfed down her Ruffles chips the classroom went into a buzz. Students switched seats and chatted with their friends.

                  “Hey Jermaine…” Nicki said sitting in the empty seat next to him as he held his held up in his palm. He managed to nod acknowledging her presence but didn’t look away from the screen.

                  “I know you’re not interested in Romeo and Juliet.” Nicki said scooting closer to him. He looked away from the screen and over to her.

                  “What do you want? You gon’ tell me why Malaya broke up with me because right now I honestly don’t give a fuck.” He said.

                  “No, I was just going to talk to you.” Nicki lied.

Mehgan had student aide for Ms. Perry this period so she sat next to Lauren in the back of the class.

They were gossiping to each other nonstop going from guys, to clothes and shoes to girls who they didn’t like.

                  “Like even this, for example, is a shame.” Mehgan said pointing at Meagan’s short hairdo. There was obviously extensions in the front to hang over her forehead and down to her eye but they were tangled and unattractive.

                  “This is literally the shit I can’t stand, like why come to school looking like a hot mess.” Mehgan continued seeming truly angered and Lauren couldn’t stop laughing.

Mehgan tapped on the shoulder of the girl in front of her.

                  “Excuse me baby girl, what’s your name?” Mehgan smiled in a fakely sweet way. The girl turned around whipping the bang out of her eye.

                  “Meagan.” She smiled. Mehgan turned away from her and looked at Lauren.

                  “Like you see obviously two girls with the same name can be polar opposite because I know better than to walk out of my house with that possom tail on my head and she tried to flick it out of her eye… Like girl, it’s stiff it’s not going to move.” Lauren and Mehgan both laughed loud and boastfully causin Ms. Perry to turn around and scold them with a cut of her eyes.

                  “Ladies, please.” She said sternly. Lauren nodded while trying to hold back more laughter.

                  “I’m sorry Ms. Perry, but some of your students are laughable.” Mehgan shaded Meagan and didn’t care that Meagan was offended by the whole thing.

Mehgan stared at her and raised her eyebrows challenging her to say something. Meagan looked her up and down and rolled her eyes.

                  “I wouldn’t be talking about hair if I were you.” She said before turning around.

                  “Excuse me Ms. Meagan, I hate to share a name with you because you make it so basic but back to what you were saying about my hair… It costs seven hundred dollars. More than the outfit you’re wearing right now and that last season coach bag on your desk.”

Nicki hit Jermaine on the shoulder and pointed toward the fight about to brew on the opposite side of the classroom. Most of the students were still watching the movie unaware of the shot being fired to their left.

                  “Seven hundred dollars? Please.” Meagan rolled her eyes disbelieving her claim.

                  “My hair really did cost seven hundred dollars. Do you want to feel it? I know you’ve never had hair of this quality so you probably wouldn’t even know how expensive it is.” Mehgan said holding out the 28 inch human hair in Meagan’s direction. As Meagan held her arm out to feel it Mehgan swatted it away.

                  “First of all biiiiiitch, don’t grab at my hair. Do you think I’m stupid?” Mehgan stood up and looked down at her with wide eyes. Lauren remained seated and watched her new friend intimidate her old enemy.

                  “You just told me to feel it and then you get mad?! You’re crazy.”

                  “At least I have a drivers license.”

                  “What? Of course I have a driver’s license what does that even have to do with anything?!”

                  “Bitch, all I did was tell you that your hair is stiff.”

                  “Ladies!” Ms. Perry yelled trying to break it up but Mehgan didn’t back down so Meagan didn’t either.

                  “Why are you worried about what the fuck I put in my head?”

                  “Because I want you to look good boo.” Mehgan answered sarcastically. Ms. Perry was already walking down the aisle when Mehgan took a seat.

                  “Ms. Perry it’s fine. We were just joking around.” Mehgan lied. Meagan turned to look back at her with the most confused facial expression ever.

                  “I told you to keep it down already. I can’t tolerate this Mehgan.”

                  “Wait, me or her?” Meagan asked because of the homophonic sounding names. Mehgan looked down at her.

                  “Who is she staring at dumbass?” Mehgan retorted. Meagan looked at her and rolled her eyes.

                  “You see language like that is unacceptable.” She said trying to be serious but ending up laughing at what Mehgan said.

                  “You can’t even be serious, Ms. Perry.” Lauren laughed. The whole class started to roar into laughter while Meagan sat there being salty.

                  “Okay, back to the movie and I don’t want to hear anything else from anyone!” Ms. Perry said before passing Mehgan and shaking her head at her then going back to her desk.



                  “Damn Gia who’s that” Wayne gawked at the thick white girl who walked up with K.

                  “Oh this is Sarah from my theater class” K said with a smile as she introduced her new found friend.

                  “Well Miss Sarah you look A1 if I do say so myself” Wayne winked

                  “Aww thanks you look pretty cute yourself” Sarah flirted

                  “Uh too bad he has a girlfriend” Ashley said as she cut her eyes at Sarah.

                  “Damn that sucks” Sarah said as she purposely dropped her pencil in front of Wayne she was wearing a black lace crop top, white high waisted American Apparel jeans that suffocated her 39 inch hips and black and white Louboutin red bottoms as she bent over in front of him to pick it up. Wayne lowkey adjusted himself so his growing hardon wouldn’t show.

                  “Yeah so you can just go away now” Ashley expressed with envy.

                  “Um I actually like the new girl so she can stay you can leave if you want to” Nicki said sticking up for the stranger she didn’t even know but wanted a reason to take a jab at Ashley.

                  “Nicki remember what I said” Ariana whispered referring to the no fighting

                  “Thanks Nicki but K was going to show me around anyway this bitch with fake tits isn’t making me leave” Sarah said loud enough for everyone to hear. Ashley fanned her off nonchalantly she didn’t want to start another fight especially in front of Wayne.

                  “Do you have the dude with dreads number?” Sarah said to K as they were walking away

                  “I do girl you trying to let Wayne play with your hot pocket?” K asked curiously

                  “After I make him break up with his fake Barbie ass girlfriend” Sarah said with a devious smile


Harry took another green apple Jolly Rancher candy off Camilla’s lap and popped it into his mouth.

                   “Well, I kind of see it as an excuse to be a whore.” Harry said as Camilla nodded in agreement.

                   “Honestly, when we’re running around in those mini skirts at a game it’s acceptable because we’re doing backhandsprings, back tucks, stunts and jumps but just going to school? Why do we need to wear them? It’s not showing school spirit it’s just showing unnecessary ass.” Camilla complained as she popped a blue Jolly Rancher in her mouth.

                   “I agree love.” Harry assured her and stuffed his hand in the bag to grab another green one.

                   “How do you deal with all that sourness?” Camilla asked while sucking on the blue candy. Harry smiled.

                   “The same way I deal with you.” Harry joked. Camilla cut her eyes at him.

                   “You’re so lame.” She spat.

                   “You’re so pretty.” He countered.

                   “You suck.” Camilla responded.

                   “You don’t.” Harry said quickly before realizing he could make it perverted before adding, “Do you?”

                   “Shut up.” She pushed him before laying her head on his shoulder. He looked at the top of her head and kissed it before leaning his cheek on it.

                   “You were really good though last night.” Harry complimented her. She lifted up her head and gave him a crazy look.

                   “Huh?” She asked.

                   “At the game… Cheering.” He smirked insisting that he could mean more if she wanted.

                   “Oh, I thought you meant after…” She played along.

                   “After?” Harry questioned in a seductive tone.

                   “Yeah… You don’t remember?” Camilla teased biting her bottom lip.

                   “Can you remind me?” Harry smiled.

                   “It started off like this…” Camilla cooed placing her hand on Harry’s cheek and drawing his lips into hers.


Khloe, Kendall, Kylie, Lowlah, LaShontae and Rihanna were the only girls in a large group of jocks and cool kids at a table.

                   “Can you please tell me why you couldn’t just keep your mouth shut, now we both have detention because of you.” Khloe snapped at Terrence.

                   “That was just an excuse to be in a room alone with you.” Terrence winked at her. She raised her eyebrows.

                   “You couldn’t handle it Terrence, stop.” Khloe responded.

Reggie began to laugh along with Bow Wow and Justin Combs who were all listening.

                   “Honestly, don’t do it. You really couldn’t handle her.” Kylie joked.

                   “I hate when niggas think they can just pick and choose us then when we’re crazy they act confused like we told you, you couldn’t handle us and you still tried.”

Lowlah gave Rihanna a high five and nodded in agreement.

                   “Not about us babe.” Lowlah said in response to Justin’s confused look.

                   “Hey Rihanna.” Chris greeted from behind her. She turned to see who it was and immediately turned back around.

A hush fell over the table and everyone’s eyes were on Rihanna and the way she seemed to ignore Chris completely. Kendall was the only one not looking at Rih. Instead she had her eyes on Harry and Camilla making out across the courtyard.

Rihanna looked at Kendall and over at what she was looking at.

                   “Oh my god Kendall, you’re really peeping a make out session?”

Khloe looked over quickly as Kendall looked away in embarrassment. Khloe noticed it was Harry and Camilla and gawked.

                   “Ew Kendall, you sucked his dick with your mouth not your heart get over it.” Khloe advised her. The whole table roared back into a lively harmony of laughs.

Leaving Chris to walk away awkwardly from the table and sit somewhere else alone to think about why Rihanna would curve him like that.


                  “You would be the type to make me wait ten minutes for some damn cheese fries. Chick-Fil-A don’t even sell god damn cheese fries.” August shook his head. Gia pushed him in the arm as they made their way up the courtyard steps.

                  “Shut up, they might not sell cheese fries but I still got ‘em.” Gia said arrogantly. August looked over his shoulder at her.

                  “You too short for all that mouth.” He told her purposely stopping to tower his 6 foot 2 inch

body over her 5 foot self.

                  “Keep it moving August. I don’t want to have to beat your ass in front of all your new friends.” Gia said walking around him.

                  “You definitely ain’t gon’ be beating my ass.” August laughed at her before following her to a table occupied by Chris alone.

                  “Loner? Need company?” Gia asked shaking the bag of Chick-Fil-A in his face. He looked up from his android and nodded giddily.

                  “Hell yeah I need company.” He said snatching the bag out of her hand. She slapped his hand and he automatically let go to tend to the sting she left.

                  “I got cheese fries, a sandwich and strips so I’m sure I won’t finish it all but damn Chris let me enjoy it first.”

                  “She a fat ass though so I doubt you’ll find anything left to eat.” August teased. She stuffed a colby jack cheese covered waffle fry in her mouth and rolled her eyes at August’s comment.

                  “Kiss my fat ass.” She said while opening up the package that encased her sandwich. August laughed.

                  “I really want to. I would do more than kiss it if it was up to me though.”

                  “Shit, I may be hungry but it’s better than being thirsty like you nigga goddamn.” Chris took jabs at August. Gia laughed causing her to practically choke on her fries. She quickly picked up her drink and took a sip of lemonade to swallow it down.

                  “She’s thirsty too though. She knew her throat was too dry to swallow that fry. She needs a little something to slicken it out.” He winked at her before laughing and giving Chris dap.

                  “I know what that means my nigga.” Chris shared the laugh with August.

Gia stood up and started to walk away from the table all in good fun but as she started toward the school building she remembered an obligation she had. August and Chris hurriedly chased after her August making it in front of her in seconds and Chris blocking any escape from behind.

                  “Oh my god guys.” Gia laughed. August took a few steps closer to her making her take a step back and run straight into Chris. They both looked down at her with their arms tight at her sides.

                  “You know how gay this probably looks, like I’m sure no one can see that I’m in the middle and they probably think you guys are kissing each other!” Gia shouted making them back up in seconds. She laughed and pointed at them while holding her stomach.

                  “Ain’t shit funny midget.” August tried not to laugh too but it was contagious.

Chris had walked back to the table to get a few strips into his mouth before Gia and August noticed.

                  “Just have it man!” Gia and August said in unison. They looked at each other and smiled what a coincidence.

                  “Okay, Tia and Tamera.” Chris teased them. August carried his bag and Chris carried Gia’s they walked from the table and made their way toward the entrance to building three.

                  “Where are yall going?” Chris asked stuffing a strip in his mouth. August shrugged.

                  “I have to get my extra credit assignment from Mr. Hall right now. I just remembered.”

As Gia, Chris and August walked toward the building they passed Drake, Jermaine and Trey walking opposite them.

                  “What’s up my G.” Trey greeted August and then hugged Gia. Drake and Jermaine copied. They all ignored Chris.

                  “So what? Y’all don’t see me?” Chris joked waving his hand above his head and smiling in all their faces. Gia looked up at Chris with a face that showed fear for him and August made sure he had full ability to grab Gia out of the way if things got messy.

                  “Out of respect for Gia I won’t sleep your ass right now.” Drake said looking directly in Chris’ eyes. Chris laughed so hard, he didn’t take Drake seriously at all.

Gia looked at the way Drake’s jaw clenched and she knew it was time to exit grabbing August and Chris’ hand to lead them to the original destination. As they were walking away Jermaine turned around,

                  “Don’t be too happy nigga we gonna catch you slippin” The clique made there way over to the rest of the jocks to chill with for the remainder of lunch.


Christina, Adrienne, Tami, Tae, and Malaya were walking the track because they didn’t bring their gym clothes so this was Mr. Rose’s form of punishment. Tae, Malaya, Tami were walking in one direction gossiping while Adrienne and Christina were gossiping in Spanish. They were approaching each that’s when Tae looked up and saw Adrienne point at her quickly

                   “Did this ho just point at me?” Tae asked pointing at Adrienne who gave her a stank look. 

                  “I think she did.” Malaya answered

                  “And she giving you a stank look just saying” both groups sped up their pace until they met. 

                  “If you have something to say to me say it to my face and in ENGLISH” Tae rolled her eyes

                  “What?” Adrienne asked completely clueless. 

                  “Don’t fucking act dumb you know exactly what the fuck you were saying.”

                  ”Don’t get disrespectful with me because you’re an insecure ass bitch.”

                  “Oop” Tami said as she already had out her iPhone to record this altercation. 

                  “Who the fuck is insecure bitch? I got Romeo not you.” Christina knew that was a low blow for Adrienne. 

                  “Christina you better get this trick por que tu sabe-

                  “Since you wanna speak Spanish tu eres una puta” Tae managed to pronounce correctly 

                  “Oh shit.” Christina put in her two cents

                  “Do you even know what puta means?” Adrienne asked.

                  “If I missed pronounced it I meant to call you a bitch.” She said as she mushed her in her face, but Adrienne was quick with her hands so she popped her in her mouth and Tae lost balance because she decided to wear heels today so she fell and Adrienne pounced on top of her. 

                  “GET THE FUCK UP TAE!” Malaya and Tami yelled in unison Adrienne threw four quick punches to her face and said:

                  “Talk so much shit but cant even back it up.” She said as she slapped her. Tae couldn’t go out like this so she manoeuvred her leg from under Adrienne kicked her in the stomach, punched her in the face and flipped her over so now she was on top. She threw about 8 right hand punches to Adrienne’s face, slammed her head a few times onto the track then slapped the shit out of her just to even it out. 

                  “DAMN BITCH SPOKE TOO SOON!” Malaya chimed in happily that her girl was winning. Tae was throwing blow after blow connecting with Adrienne’s face. Tami saw blood and a few bruises so she gave the camera to Chyna and tried to pull her girl off of Adrienne. She was successful for a bit but then Tae grabbed Adrienne by the shirt and threw about 4 more punches before letting go. 

                  “THAT BITCH THOUGHT SHE COULD BEAT ME!” Tae screamed as Malaya and Tami pulled her to the outside bleachers to fix her up. 

                  “Oh my gosh, chica are you okay?” Christina asked genuinely concerned. Adrienne was pissed the fuck off. 

                  “I cant let nobody see me like this take me to tu casa por favor.

Estrella High  

Tyga walked out of the school building toward the parking while staring down at his phone. He had to grab his basketball duffle bag from his trunk before practice. As he approached his Audi R8 he noticed Malaya leaning on it.

                   “Hey…” He said confused as he walked up to her. She smiled and extended her arms for a hug which Tyga gladly accepted and held for a second longer than any friendly hug would last.

                   “What’s up?” She asked looking up at him.

                   “Nothing much. I’m surprised to see you talking to me.” He shrugged walking past her toward the . Malaya feigned offense.

                   “What?! What do you mean?” Malaya asked walking behind him. Tyga smirked at her.

                   “What are you doing?” He asked as he unlocked the car and reached for the trunk lever to open it.

                   “Are you going to practice?” She asked backing up so he can walk forward. He looked over her head as he answered.

                   “Yeah,” he pointed, “there goes your boyfriend. You better go before he thinks somethings going on between us.” Tyga teased and pulled his bag out of his trunk.

                   “I hope he thinks that since he’s not my boyfriend anymore.” Malaya informed him. Tyga raised his eyebrows in shock.

                   “Damn really? Wow, that makes two of us I guess.” Tyga shrugged and strapped the bag across his chest. He looked over his shoulder at Jermaine and saw him staring angrily at the two of them. Tyga ignored it.

                   “You and Lauren are done too? Damn, it is not the season for love huh?” Malaya said smiling at an angry Jermaine.

                   “I guess not.” Tyga tried to laugh but in the back of his mind he was figuring out a way to forgive Lauren for her wrongdoing. He wanted to hear her out first but he’d rather she suffer with not knowing when he’d talk to her again.

                   “I’m glad she finally told you. I mean I would’ve told her to tell you but you know we’re not close enough for me to be giving her advice and shit.” Malaya explained. Tyga widened his eyes.

                   “Damn, you knew? How many people knew before I fucking did?”

                   “I’m pretty sure it’s only those other guys, me and Nicki.”

                   “I have to get to practice.” Tyga said. Malaya grabbed his arm as he tried to walk around her.

                   “Want to talk later? You can meet me anywhere you want?”

                   “How about at your job?” He winked. She thought about it for a moment and nodded in agreement.

                   “Deal, but I don’t work tonight.” She pouted. Tyga nodded his head in understanding.

                   “Yeah, everyone needs a day off. You could come by my crib?” Tyga suggested.

                   “Sounds good, just text me the address.”

                   “Damn Malaya, you forgot where I live too? See that’s cold I didn’t forget where you live.”

                   “That’s probably because you slide by my house every night.”

                   “Oh yeah, definitely.” Tyga agreed sarcastically before checking his phone and running to the gym door.

                   “Hope I didn’t make you late!” Malaya called out.

                   “You did!” Tyga responded before pulling his shirt off and running into the gym.

Malaya smiled and reviewed the conversation in her mind. Tyga made her feel comfortable although they had casual flirting it didn’t seem like pressure to be romantic it was just cute banter. She decided she’d be hanging out with him more often.

Nicki’s House

                  Nicki coated her last strand of hair with white Dark & Lovely perm relaxer before wrapping it up under a shower cap.

                  “Aubrey!” She sang coming out of the bathroom in nothing but a robe. He was slipping his size 13 feet into a pair of Retro Jordan 7’s when his lady stepped into his room.

                  “Hey.” He said as he grabbed his keys off the desk. Nicki sat on his bed and leaned back on her elbows.

                  “Come here.” She said biting her bottom lip. He looked over his shoulder and tried to ignore how beautiful and sexy she was by focusing on the shower cap on her head.

                  “Go finish your hair, Nicki.” Drake laughed sending her away. He began to make his way to the exit when she extended her leg letting the robe fall back on the bed exposing her whole bare thigh.

                  Drake licked his lips and tried to dart his eyes somewhere else in the room and give her another reason to leave but he couldn’t find one so he repeated the one from earlier.

                  “Nicki please, go finish your hair.”

                  “Finish me off first papi.” She winked leaning back on the bed and untying her robe. It slid off most of her hip and revealed her arms glued to his sides. Everything in him wanted to just do it, this was his girlfriend and she was begging for it.

                  “You know how much I would love to…” He said as he inched closer and closer to the door, “But, I promised Jermaine…” He took a deep breath. This was the hardest thing he’s ever had to do and the hardest his dick’s ever been.

                  “You know Malaya broke up with him and… He want’s to play ball.” Drake said with his eyes closed. Otherwise he would’ve easily lost his train of thought.

                  “So Aubrey… You’re just gonna walk out of here with a brick in your pants.” She said noticing his extended member through his basketball shorts.

                  “I just I have-” He hit the wall while trying to keep his composure and explain to her why couldn’t go with his first instinct, “I have to go.” He turned quickly and tried to take steps down the stairs.

                  “Are you cheating on me?” Nicki called out as she covered herself up and rushed behind him.

                  “No, no, no! Oh god, no! Onika Tanya Maraj, I love you, I could never.” He said taking steps back up the stairs to wrap his arms around her and embrace her. She was held tightly into his chest and took it as an opportunity to sniff him, for any unfamiliar perfume scent. She silently decided to do it again when he came home.

                  “Then why can’t you just stay for a little while… For me.” She pouted and took a hold of his big hand with two of hers. Drake looked into her eyes and saw complete hurt.

                  “Onika, I love you. Even with your hair like that I wouldn’t pass up a chance to fuck the shit outta you. I mean lordy lordy Michael Jordy, I was on the edge.” They laughed. She pushed him in the bicep and rolled her eyes.

                  “Then why are you passing up the chance right now?” She asked.

                   “I promised Jermaine I’d be there an hour ago. I don’t want him to commit, he’s getting really sad about this whole break up.” Drake lied before taking her delicate face in his hands and kissing her non-stop. She tapped his arm and tried to pull away from the kiss.

                  “What?” He said looking down at her like she was crazy.

                  “It’s burning my scalp now.” She ran back into the bathroom to wash the chemical relaxer out.

                  Drake laughed as he watched her yank the shower cap off and slip her robe off to hop in the shower and wash the perm out.

                  He made his way down the stairs with a heavy heart and an even heavier load in his shorts as he went to pull open the door he sighed.

                  He wished he could just tell her.

Tyga’s House

                   Tyga slid open his gold iPhone 5s and called his homeboy Chris. While waiting for Malaya to show up. He began to have a bad feeling about him being alone in the park in the middle of the beef, which was getting serious as of recently, two rings and like clockwork Chris answered:


                  “Wassup T?” Chris said while walking down the nature trail.

                  “Yo come over, I have a bad feeling about you being out there alone.” Tyga said seriously. 

                  “Nigga, I’m eighteen years old I’m not going to get raped or nothing chill out dad.” Chris joked, but Tyga wasn’t laughing.

                  “Nah dead ass, I mean with the beef I don’t want any of us alone out in public like that because you know there’s no rules to Drake when it comes to his money.” Tyga said referring to the incident of Sophomore year. Chris broke out laughing.

                  “Ty I appreciate your concern or whatever but nobody is scared of Drake’s lil bitch ass! Now lemme chill in peace.” He said before hanging up.

                  “Chris stop-” Tyga heard the click and didn’t get to finish his sentence. Maybe Tyga was over-reacting but he still had a unsettling gut feeling.

                  “Tyga!” He heard two voices say at his room door. Both girls pushed the door open and smiled at him with arms filled with food. 

                  “Oh shit, Honey?! I haven’t seen or talked to yo ass since I got back. What’s good munchkin?” He asked taking the bags of chips out of her hand and placing them on his bed before giving her a hug. She smiled. 

                  “I know, I thought you were hiding from me or something. I did go to the game though, I just wanted to say you’re better at basketball on the PS3.” She clowned. He laughed. 

                  “Now I remember why I’ve been hiding from yo ass cause you always talk shit.” He said picking her up by the waist and shaking her. 

                  “Okay! Put me down! Put me down!” She screamed and laughed at the same time. 

                  “Can someone help me with these?” Malaya asked with a shortness of breath. Honey and Tyga both took bag out of her hand and dropped them on the bed as well. 

                  “First question, why so much food?” Tyga asked. Honey looked at Malaya waiting for her to respond. 

                  “Well, we decided it’d be cool if we like had a sleepover.” They smiled. Tyga widened his eyes. 

                  “And when were you going to tell me this?” He asked. Honey shrugged. 

                  “We figured you wouldn’t even notice if we kept you laughing long enough.” Honey answered. He couldn’t help but smile wide. 

                  “Alright then, Honey I hope your ready for some video game ass whooping and Chyna take my laptop and get some music going. After I beat honey in this round we’ll watch a movie or some shit. I just got this theater to home package on DirecTV, so any movie in theaters right now we can watch.” 

                  “Can we watch Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones? I didn’t get to see that!” Malaya asked. 

                  “We can watch anything you want baby girl.” Tyga smirked at her as he started up the play station. 

                  “Remember the bet we made last time we played and I won and you had to buy me stuff in Vietnam?” Honey remembered. Tyga laughed. 

                  “Oh hell yeah, I have your stuff you just never came to pick it up.” Tyga stood up and walked to the closet to pull out the jacket and trinkets he had bought her. 

                  “Oh shit!” Honey yanked the bag out of his hands. He snatched it back. 

                  “Since you didn’t claim your gift in a respectable and timely manner you have to play for them again.” Tyga smiled. She looked at him with a smile. 

                  “I’m up for it.” She said accepting the challenge and grabbing her remote. Malaya grabbed his MacBook Pro and looked at her two friends in bean bag chairs playing a video game. 

                   It was going to be a fun night! 

Author’s Note: 

How do you guys feel about Gia and August? Malaya and Jermaine?  

Malaya, Honey and Tyga are getting pretty close I hope he doesn’t forget about Lauren. 

Hope Nicki can be patient until the reason for Drake’s hesitation comes full circle. 

Will Chris be okay or is Tyga’s concern necessary? 


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