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Chapter 66 (Part 2) - Rocket


          Lauren sat comfortably on Tyga’s lap while Rihanna sat on the table with Trey’s head between her legs. She combed through his wavy fairly existent hair with a fine toothcomb. There was small talk until all of their jaws dropped as new student, Jenn Hardwick, walked in front of them sporting a white baby rib crop tee, light wash denim high waisted shorts, military blue 4’s and her 28 inch long and honey brown weave was straightened and highlighted perfectly, she looked like a bag of money and she knew it. Her iPhone 5s vibrated through her Louis Vuitton cross-bag.

          “Damn! I just want to grab a handful of that ass.” She said, as nobody was really surprised but more impressed. Trey nodded negatively

          “Nah sorry Rih but it’s them Tig ol’ bitties.” Trey rebutted she slapped his head playfully with the comb, Tyga laughed and gave his boy dap agreeing with him. Her full C cup boobs bounced as she continued her strut.

          “Damn them thangs are huge!” Tyga said not even checking for Lauren at this point. Rihanna eyed Lauren looking for a response but she was staring hard at Jenn’s chest too.

          “Yeah, Tyga it’s not like Lauren is right next to you or anything.” Rih said sarcastically.

          “Huh?” They both snapped out of their trances as they heard their names. Trey and Rihanna started laughing so hard it caused Jenn to turn around and give them a stank look.

          “Oh no sweetie we aren’t laughing at you.” Lauren said trying not to make anymore enemies. Jennifer smiled.

          “Better not be.” she said giving them a playful attitude.

          “You should come sit with us newbie.” Trey said slyly as she swaggered over to their picnic table. Trey lifted his head from between Rihanna’s legs and turned his body so he could fully face the new girl who stood in front of them.

          “So what’s your story?” Rihanna asked curiously looking her up and down. Jenn was caught off guard she didn’t know they’d be so bold.

          “Oh well, I moved from Orange County right before Christmas and this is the school in our area so… Yeah. Sorry it’s not that exciting.”

          “You’re good.” Trey assured her before licking his lips and gesturing for her to sit down.

          “So how’s your first day been so far? You can’t tell me I’m the first guy to try and talk to you.” Trey winked. Rih and Lauren both thought about Meagan, his girlfriend as he flirted with this new girl publicly but they didn’t care.

          “No but you’re the first cute one.” Jenn flirted back. Tyga leaned over to give Trey dap.

          “I see you boy.” Tyga pepped up his new found friend, Trey. Jenn looked over and lifted her eyebrows.

          “I didn’t even introduce myself to you guys,” Jenn apologized, “my name’s Jenn and what’s your names?”

          ““I’m Lauren.” She waved.

          ““Okay, the cute girl with dimples is Lauren.”

          ““I’m Tyga.” He said.

          “Alright, Lauren’s boyfriend is Tyga.”

          “I”m Rihanna.” She said rolling it off her tongue and giving Jenn a sexy look up and down.

          “Sexy one is Rihanna.” Jenn winked.

          “I thought I was the sexy one.” Trey feigned offense gripping his chest and pouting. 

          “Honey, I called you cute.” Jenn corrected him. 

          “Just cute?” He said placing his hand on her thigh. She looked at it and lifted his hand up placing it on his own thigh.

          “Yes, just cute. Don’t push it.” She rolled her eyes, not angryily just standing her ground. He smiled and respected it.

          “I respect that. So when can I get your number?” Trey asked. They all laughed.

          “Thirsty ass.” Rihanna joked slapping his across the head. He smiled.

          “I just know what I want. That don’t make me thirsty.” At that moment a familiar voice called out to him.

          “Trey! Babe, we want Chipotle!” Meagan whined. She was walking up the courtyard steps approaching him. He got up quick and picked up his bag reaching her before she could reach him.

          “Alright baby, whatever you want.” He said hastily trying to walk to the parking lot with her but Meagan being the show off she is needed to assert her posession over Trey. She grabbed his cheeks and gave him a kiss on the lips. His eyes remained opened wide. She couldn’t believe Jenn had to witness this.

          “Wow, can’t trust these niggas. They’ll cheat right in your face.”

          “You got that shit right!” Rihanna agreed thinking of Chris. Lauren nodded just to be included.

          “What are you nodding for? I never cheated on you. I hope you can say the same to me since you girls always act so innocent.

          “Right…” Lauren giggled masking the pain. She couldn’t say the same. Evan and Tristan would make sure of that.  


          “Did you get any ketchup bro?” Princeton (Jacob Perez) asked Prodigy (Trey Young) as he bit into his dry ass fry. Cy stared at Prodigy while he handed him a packet ketchup. She was zoned out, thinking about her love life. Breaunna and Bahja sat around her cuddled up with their boo’s Issa and Twist. Lowlah wasn’t too far with her boyfriend Justin popping tater tots into her mouth only depressing Cy even more.

Prodigy looked up at Cy-Anne’s beautiful face as she stared at him. He smiled thinking she wanted to be friendly with him now that school was back in session but when she didn’t smiled back and her eyes glossed over as she blinked he noticed she was looking out into space. He cleared his throat and looked away awkwardly. He was head over heels for Cy but she still couldn’t stand him all because of some lame rumor he started in the eighth grade. He wanted her to forgive him but she never seemed to want to.

          “Jacob, you see that girl over there?” Issa started as he pointed behind them. Jacob looked over his shoulder at a light skin girl with a bun on her head she was sitting with Ariana, Demi, Roshon, Meagan, Elease and Amber with Reggie, hanging off her shoulder, engaging in an animated conversation with the red-headed cutie.

          “She’s cute bro.” Jacob gushed placing another fry in his mouth now drowned in ketchup.   

          “She’s bad as fuck!” Issa countered. Bahja looked up with her eyebrows scrunched up at


          “I’m right here.” Bahja snapped not liking the way her boyfriend was gushing over another girl. Issa he placed his hands on her shoulders.

          “Calm down babe. I was saying that she’s bad as fuck for Jacob. I wasn’t even looking at her like that.” He leaned down giving her lips a peck.

Bahja smiled her braces glinting in the cafeteria lights.

          “You better not be.” She looked over at the girl who they had been talking about and sized her up. She wasn’t even all that cute.

          “I’m going to call her over.”  Jacob proclaimed. He stood up and beckoned for Prodigy to join him.

          “Uh, alright.” He said. He was zoned out to. But little did he know Cy and him were thinking about each other.

          “Bahja can you come to the bathroom with me?” Cy quickly stood up. Bahja nodded pushing up from Issa’s arms and standing up following Cy.

          “Where are y’all going?” Breaunna asked. Zo looked up waiting for the answer as well.

          “Bathroom. Come with us.” Cy ordered they all stood up and made their way to the bathroom together.

Princeton walked over to the table as he fixed up his collar and fluffed his signature curly afro. Prodigy walked next to him googly-eyeing the new girl next to Ariana.

          “Hey Ariana.” Princeton walked over to her and gave her a big hug. Prodigy did the same thing while looking over at the new girl who smiled at them politely.

          “Who’s your friend?” Princeton asked with his hand out for the girl to shake.

          “My name’s Zendaya.” She smiled shaking his hand quickly.

          “I’m Jacob but because there are a few Jacob’s in the school I like to distinguish myself with my nickname so you can call me Princeton.” He explained winking at her.

          “I’m Trey they all call me Prodigy though.” He said giving her a quick up and down look. Zendaya smiled widely.

          “Okay, it’s nice meeting you guys.” And then she turned around. Leaving them standing there alone.

          “Well, Zendaya if you’re interested in talking to us you can always come sit at our table for a minute.” Princeton offered. Zendaya disagreed politely.

          “No thank you, I’m okay over here. Maybe tomorrow okay?” She turned around again. Playing hard to get turned him on.


   Wiz had been holding his urine in his bladder for the past thirty minutes and it was time to unload. He stepped into the double-ended bathroom and smelled a heavy whiff of Marijuana in the air. His bladder was about to explode but he had to figure out who was smoking loud in school. He walked toward the boys bathroom but later figured out it wasn’t coming from there he slowly walked over to the girls bathroom and thats where the whiff turned into nostrils filled with OG kush.

   He closed his eyes and peeked his head into the bathroom inhaling the scent deeply. He opened his eyes to see a skinny white girl with a blonde short hair cut and a joint in her hands along with a black girl whose weave was wavy and black with mermaid blue tips and a septum piercing. They both looked over at Wiz with squinted eyes and Miley blew out the smoke in his direction. Looking at him with raised eyebrows he decided to say something.

          “Can I hit that?” Wiz didn’t take his eyes off of the weed. Miley raised it to her lips one more time making sure the tips off her acrylic nails didn’t touch the lit up end.

          “You mean the joint or me?” She asked being saucy and sexy as she blew out another puff of smoke and handed it to the black girl who was eyeing me.

          “The joint but if I knew your name I might have said you too.” Wiz grinned.

          “My name is-” Miley started but Lucci held her hand up and interrupted.  

          “Wait you’re not a narc are you?” Lucci asked. Miley waited for his response, ready to burn her joint out and escape through the window with Lucci. Wiz laughed and shook his head.

          “Nope, I smoke too much to be that.” He admitted

          “Okay, my name’s Miley.” She said handing the joint to Lucci. Wiz watched as Lucci inhaled and exhaled through her nose.

          “I’m Lucci. You are?” She asked handing him the joint.

          “Camron, call me Wiz.” He introduced himself to them both quickly before hungrily licking his lips and inhaling all of the smoke into his mouth.

          “Can you tell what type it is?” Miley quizzed him

          “OG… Definitely, I could smell it from the hallway.” He answered passing the joint back to her. Lucci smiled and nodded.

          “This nigga knows his herbs.” She gave him his kudos.

          “From the hallway? Are you serious? Oh shit I gotta put this out.” Miley panicked running water over the lit end of the joint and unrolling it. Lucci grabbed her binder and Miley’s off the sink counter.

          “Why are you unrolling it?” Wiz asked concerned. The joint was rolled perfectly he couldn’t imagine why she would ruin her work.

          “I can’t waste this.” She said picking up clumps of the weed and placing it in a ziplock bag she had sitting on the sink counter. Lucci laughed Miley’s recycling was the funniest thing she’s ever seen.

          “You are such a trip white girl.” Lucci laughed. Miley slipped the bag in her bra and walked past him.

          “Oh yeah and if I was you I would get out of the girls bathroom, you could get in a lot of trouble.” And with that Miley and Lucci were out. They were on their way to the upstairs bathroom so they could pile themselves in perfume to drown out the stench of marijuana.

Wiz couldn’t move even after they left. He could tell even by the few minutes of talking to her that she was a bad bitch and her friend was cool as fuck.


Mr. West’s Fifth Period

               “So since it’s the first day back I’m thinking I can just pass back the tests and we’ll go over them. Sound good?” Mr. West announced before laughing. The class didn’t get a chance to answer when he continued.

               ”I don’t know why I said that as if I was asking for permission from y’all.” He said in between bursts of laughter. Everyone in the class shook their heads as they watched their borderline psychotic teacher laugh by himself.

               The door opened and a white boy wearing a light blue sweatshirt, black denim jeans, high-top, light blue Supra TK society sneakers with an accented silver dog tag around his neck stepped in with a paper to hand to Mr. West and his backpack in his hand. He scanned the faces of the class for a pretty girl with an open seat next to her; a routine he had been doing all day. He zeroed in on a beautiful girl with blonde hair that was styled with a bump and crimped waves that framed her face but the light skin dude she sat next to looked possessive of her so Justin backed off.

               He saw a cute, light-brown girl with full lips and bright red lipstick sitting in the middle of the class with an open seat next to her and he immediately made a dash for it as he explained himself to Mr. West over his shoulder:

               “I’m new here. My name’s Justin. Just moved from Canada.” He said and then slipped in the seat next to Rihanna. She paid no attention as she applied her lip gloss and stared at her reflection in her small compact mirror.

               “Alright. Make Justin feel at home… I guess.” Mr. West said somewhat warmly as he tossed Justin’s late pass in the trash and went behind his desk to grab the test packets.

               “If all the girls are as pretty as you I might actually like it here.” Justin whispered to Rihanna as he sunk down into his chair. Rihanna giggled and closed her compact mirror.

               “For every bad bitch there’s at least three ugly ducklings hatin’ on her so girls looking like me at this school is a 1 to 3 ratio.” She replied as she slid her makeup stuff in her purse. Justin laughed.

               “I never heard that before. I like it. What’s your name?” He asked as Mr. West shut the lights and turned on the projector.

               “Rihanna.” She said in her native accent. He nodded.

               “Bre-awnuh without the B?” He asked trying to clarify. She shook her head to disagree.

               “That’s how you say it but definitely not how you spell it.” She shared. He scrunched up his eyebrows.

               “You should probably tell me how to spell it after you give me your number.” Justin winked. She laughed so loud that Nicki had to take a look back to see what the commotion was about. Mr. West slapped the test on Nicki’s desk to turn her around. Nicki sucked her teeth and struck him a death stare.

               “R-I-H-A-double-N-A; 323-555-6879.” She spelled it out slowly articulating each letter and slowly told him the number. He smiled.

               “First of all that’d be a sick rap song and repeat it I couldn’t actually hear the words you were saying, your face is so delightfully distracting.” He said as he pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and went to ‘add a new contact’

                 “New kid!” Mr. West shouted; quieting everyone down and making Justin look up.

                 “This is your first day and you’re already starting trouble.”

               ”Sorry mister…” Justin trailed off as he tried to think of his name. He looked at Rihanna for help.

               ”Mister East.” She whispered.

               ”Mister East!” Justin repeated louder with a smile.

               ”It’s West!” Mr. West shouted in extreme frustration. Justin looked at Rihanna with narrow eyes.

               “Shit, I thought his name was Mister East and I’ve been in the class all year.” She said loud enough for everyone who was eavesdropping to hear. The whole class laughed and Mr. West gave Rih an evil stare which she equated with a wide smile.

Between Fifth and Sixth

Lauren sauntered next to Draya and the new girl, Erica Mena as they looked down at her classes.

          “I have statistics next with Kunoles?” Erica mispronounced the name.

          “That’s Mrs. Knowles, we both have her next too. She’s bad as fuck, baddest teacher in this whole school.” Draya declared.

          “Hell yeah.” Lauren nodded.

          “Are you into girls?” Erica asked Lauren mischievously. She was ready to make Lauren her new bitch. Lauren shook her head saying no but smiled as if she wasn’t telling the truth. Erica gave her a skeptical face with narrowed eyes.

          “I’m not, I can just recognize when a girl is a bad bitch.” Lauren further explained.

          “And what am I?” Erica asked licking her lips and batting her eyelashes before Lauren could respond Erica’s complete face and demeanor changed. She looked at the oncoming Malaya, Tami and Lashontae crew (BBC) in contempt.

          “That’s that big headed, pumpkin shaped silicone ass having bitch.” Erica snapped.

          “Oh god.” Draya shook her head. Her mind flashbacked to the Strip club where Erica, Draya and Malaya had all worked together. Erica had a problem with Malaya’s hustle but no one else took it to heart as much as Erica did. Malaya as Blac Chyna was a whole different person; many times she had been accused of keeping money instead of giving all of it to the manager so he could distribute evenly, she had guys in the private rooms all night along with taking a few of Erica’s potential clientele from time to time. But it was all a hustle and Chyna hustled hard.

          “Who?” Lauren curiously asked.

          “Chyna’s sloppy body ass.” Erica rolled her eyes as their crew walked around them. Tami stopped and shifted her eyes from her girls to Erica.

          “Hold up, I think I heard your name come out of her mouth.” Tami stopped and pointed at Erica’s back.

          “Yes, I’m glad to see you’re eavesdropping.” Assuming they were talking about her and she was right. She turned to face the three members of BBC staring her down.

Erica didn’t care that it was three-on-one she upheld a pose and crossed her arms over her chest waiting for Chyna to snap back.

          “Who is she talking about?” Chyna asked looking at Tae. Erica took a step forward and sized Chyna up.

          “I’m talking about you bitch I know your ears ain’t big as fuck for no reason.” Erica teased while rolling her neck. She grinned as she watched the anger build up in Chyna’s eyes and facial expression.

          “Girl bye, you gone make me late for class.” Chyna contorted her face in a nasty scowl.

          “You don’t need an education when you’ll be in the strip club all your life, stealing from everyone in there!” Erica shouted touching a nerve. Teachers stood by their door watching it all go down but not sure it would get too serious. It just seemed like two hormonal teen girls being loud, something Estrella high teachers were used to.

          “Bitch, you’re in the strip club too! Shaking your bare ass and still making less money than me!” Chyna bragged throwing her blonde weave over her shoulder ready to walk away but Erica’s mouth wouldn’t stop.

          “That’s cause what you do isn’t stripping. It’s more like softcore porn and prostitution in the private room!” Erica announced making some of the onlookers jaws drop and August place his hand over his mouth. He stood next to Trey in equal awe. His first day at Estrella and girls were already popping off and foaming out the mouth.

          “Erica I could put you out of business. All those broke niggas you fuck with at the club I could take ‘em, don’t make me have to.” Chyna winked being cocky. Erica scrunched up her eyebrows

          “Oh please bitch, I’ll pop those silicone bags you got in your ass right now. Fucking with my money like that.”

          “Is that a threat hoe?” Chyna asked stepping up to her. Erica smiled and stood toe-to-toe with her their noses were practically touching.

          “I’ve been threatening you since I met you. Now I’m ready to drag yo ass.” Erica said through clenched teeth she balled up her fists, got ready to cock it back and break Chyna’s nose but Draya’s quick cat-like reflexes gave her the ability to fling over to Erica wrapping her arms around her and pulling her back.

          “You wanna swing bitch?” Chyna trotted over to her but that’s when Tami and Tae both pulled one of her arms back. The scene seemed to escalate so quickly the teachers ran back into their class to call some supervision down to the hallway.

          “They callin’ the feds!” August shouted as he watched the teachers go back in the class. August ran knowing very well that his track record didn’t allow him too much run ins with the law even if they were school security.

          “You can’t handle my mouth muthafucka!” Erica spat as Draya pulled her away.

          “She told you.” Lauren pursued her lips and looked Chyna up and down. Before running to both catch up with Draya and Erica but also away from BBC so she wouldn’t get struck by Chyna’s misguided anger.  

Culinary Careers Class - Sixth Period

               Mr. Ealy had started his class well over a minute ago and while he was checking the names off of the attendance sheet Elease decided to make her appearance. She opened the door with one hand and strutted into class wearing a white loose fit crop top, cheetah print leggings that hugged her thighs, ass and calves tight which complimented her kick-ass Christian Louboutin Ankle Boots with Toundra Fur in Beige so nicely.

               Mr. Ealy looked up from the sheet in front of him to see a girl walk into the classroom with her head down while she texted. He cleared his throat.

               ”What’s your name young lady?” He asked her. She looked up but only to scan the faces of students in her class. She sighed; Meagan was nowhere in sight.

               ”I asked you a question.” Mr. Ealy said in a more aggressive tone. He hated when students tried to disrespect his authority.

               ”I heard you,” she said in her normally nasally voice before looking up and almost being starstruck with the beauty of the man standing at his cooking station in front of her. She walked over and went behind the chefs table and looked down the list of names on the attendance sheet. He stared down at her and silently questioned her motives. She pointed at her name and then looked back up at him.

               ”Elease?” He questioned as he squinted at the paper. She nodded and smiled.

               ”Go find a seat Ms. Donovan.” He said as he looked into her eyes. She smacked her gum.

               ”Aren’t you supposed to tell me where to sit?” She asked. He shrugged.

               ”I don’t care where you sit. Don’t smack your gum in my class either.” He told her sternly and then tossed her an apron which she didn’t catch. He chuckled. He stopped though when she casually bent down, rear facing him, to pick up the apron.

                 ”Next time, I suggest you come to class on time and make a better first impression.” Mr. Ealy sternly said before turning his attention back to the class. As she walked to the back of the class he carefully watched her butt move in her leggings.

                                This was going to be a long semester. He thought as he subconsciously thought about how pretty she was.

               Elease sat in the seat behind Nicki, who she had never talked to but heard a lot about considering the fact that her best friend, Lauren, hated Meagan. Sitting next to Elease was a dark haired white girl with big geeky glasses on. Elease looked down at her phone again and clicked on the app to play ‘100 Floors’.

               ”Elease!” Mr. Ealy shouted making everyone in the room turn and face her. She looked up innocently.

               ”What?” She asked looking directly at the light-skin, blue-eyed, handsome ass teacher.

                 ”Put your phone away. If you were here on time you’d have heard the rules. You look like you need to learn them the most.” He put her on blast she put her phone on the table and crossed her arms over her chest.

               ”All your doing is staring at the class. What else am I supposed to do?” She whined. Mr. Ealy grinned.

               ”You’re supposed to sit there and enjoy the times we don’t do anything because when we starting doing work you’ll wish you had these moments back.” He said as he stood up and placed a big brown box on Justin B’s conjoined desk that he shared with Justin C.

               ”Everyone take a fundamental of cooking workbook from this box. Since you guys don’t care for the free-time I guess I’ll just get you started on work right away.” Mr. Ealy announced with a mischievous smile.

               Nicki loudly sucked her teeth simultaneously with her table partner Safaree Samuels. They looked at each other and Nicki turned away giggling. The box surfed around the class. No one made a word until Safaree pulled his book out and it was unexpectedly heavy so he let it thud loudly on his desk.

                ”God damn, big ass book.” Safaree sighed. Nicki nodded in agreement and couldn’t wait until the bell ring. This culinary class head start was not what she was expecting at all.

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Starting from chapter 1 :)


Estrella High Parking Lot

“This is going to be the best school year ever!” Camilla announced as she stepped out of the passenger seat of Cassie’s all white Buggatti. Cassie smiled and slipped her keys in her bag while Gia struggled to get herself and her step team duffle bag out of the back…


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Chapter 66 (Part 1) - First Day Back

Estrella High Parking Lot

                “This is going to be the best school year ever!” Camilla announced as she stepped out of the passenger seat of Cassie’s all white Buggatti. Cassie smiled and slipped her keys in her bag while Gia struggled to get herself and her step team duffle bag out of the back seat. Camilla positioned her Gucci tote high on her shoulder and led her group of girls down the lot and to the Estrella high entrance doors.

                “You know Sean and I were on the phone last night for hours. It’s getting hard to not like feel strong for him.” Gia shared with a pout. Camilla put her hand over Gia’s shoulders.

                “Listen boo, if he’s not trying to wife you then leave him, show him what he’s missing. I got my man Harry in like a month while you’ve been talking to the same nigga for over six months and he still fucking with other girls. That’s embarrassing…” Camilla confessed. Gia stopped dead in her tracks and squinted hard past Camilla.

                “Uh, Cam…” Gia started grabbing Camilla’s biceps to spin her around. Camilla watched her kind-of boyfriend Harry while he rolled his eyes to the back of his head and popped his mouth open in a perfect ‘O’.

                Camilla started to approach the car confused as to why he was making these odd faces. When she was at least ten feet away he fluttered his eyes open and then turned pale at the sight of her. Panic registered on his face and he looked down into his lap. It seemed as if he was speaking to someone and that’s when Camilla was crushed. Kendall Jenner pulled her head up off Harry’s lap. She tucked her loose strands of hair behind her ear and looked up at the eyes peering into the car.

                “Kendall’s such a little fucking hoe. She’s gonna be just like her sister.” Cassie said shaking her head. Camilla placed her freehand in her pocket to grab her cellphone and avoid any further eye contact with Harry the whore. She started speed walking along with Gia while Cassie stood in front of the car with her arms crossed waiting for Harry to step out.

                “Camilla!” Harry shouted stumbling out of the car while pulling his jeans up. Cassie shook her head at Harry then looked over at Kendall.

                “You should be ashamed of yourself, what kind of dirty no-respect-for-herself bitch gives head in a parking lot. I’m done with both of you. So much disappointment. And Harry pull up your zipper.” Cassie said flipping her one half with hair off shoulder and to her back strutting away. Leaving Harry in distress, he didn’t know if that meant it was all over. He looked back into the car at a confused Kendall.

                 “What just happened Harry?” Kendall asked the latest iPhone 5 in her hand as she put a fresh coat of MAC lip gloss over her lips. He covered his face with both hands and took a deep breath.

                “Lock the doors when you’re done.” Harry advised her before grabbing his binder out of the backseat and stalking off toward the entrance of the school.

                “Wait, but how will you know where your classes are?!” Kendall shouted. He promised they would go on a tour with Kim before class started.

                “I can manage.” He called out over his shoulder. Kendall sat back in the car with a deflated face.

Was the head that bad?

Estrella High Courtyard

                 Nicki walked up the courtyard steps as Drake’s fingers interlocked with hers. She led him to the table that was occupied by her crew. Lauren stood up quickly and ran to gush over Nicki’s outfit.

                “Damn girl you put in work!” Lauren shouted. Nicki smiled and Drake lifted up his arm to twirl Nicki around as he tipped his double white Styrofoam cup in his mouth. She had on a cropped vest with furry and neon accents. A black cropped corset top was seen underneath it.

                Lauren touched the fabric on Nicki’s white mini-tutu which was accented with pink and black writing. It tightly hugged from her mid-waist to the tip of her thighs while the graphic light pink leggings underneath them kept you entertained until you got a glimpse of her gold shiny directly-below-the-knee boots. She was looking like a million bucks with her pink Mac lipstick, blonde lace-front, gold bamboo hoops and gold bangles.    

                “You got me feeling basic as hell.” Lauren frowned as she looked herself up and down. She was wearing a red deep v-neck t-shirt, denim blue Capri jeans and a pair of red floral thong sandals.

                “C’mere honey it’s okay. You look good in your own way.” Nicki pouted jokingly as she extended her arms for a hug; Lauren walked into it faking sadness. Drake walked pass them and gave all of his old niggas dap.

                “Where’s Tyga?” Nicki asked as she furthered her vision toward the group of guys at the picnic table.

                “He went to talk to Coach Rose about changing some positions on the team or something… I don’t know I zoned out.” She giggled. Nicki started chatting it up with Lauren. Rihanna awkwardly walked passed the table giving a polite wave to Drake, Blake, Wayne, Diggy, Trey, Reggie and a few of the other guys who were watching her   

                Cy-Anne passed by to ask Chris for money since her friends were about to go out for McDonald’s really quickly. She approached the picnic tables where Chris was staring out into space, probably thinking about Rih, as all the other guys were having animated conversations. She awkwardly tapped Chris’ shoulder and he turned around.

                “What up?” He asked as he looked at her strangely. They usually never acknowledged each other in school so he was caught off-guard.

                “Can I get ten dollars for breakfast?” Cy asked with big puppy dog eyes. He narrowed his eyes at her letting her know he wasn’t pleased but he slipped his hand in his front pocket and handed it to her so he didn’t look cheap in front of his friends. It really hurt him letting it go.

                “I’ll bring back your change.” She assured him with a wide smile on her face. She turned around and immediately ran her nose into an elbow. Thank goodness she didn’t get knocked out.

                “OH!” All the guys shouted in unison. Causing Rihanna and Lauren to turn while Nicki walked over to get a better look at what happened.

                “Whoa, I’m so sorry… Are you okay?” Drake asked concerned as he stared down into Cy’s eyes. Nicki stood behind him watching the girl recover and once she realized it was Cy-Anne she snickered mentally. She knew of Cy-Anne’s track history with talking behind people’s backs.

                Cy-Anne was obviously embarrassed. She lifted her hand up to wave it in the air, a gesture to say that she was fine, but when she motioned her hand up it pushed the bottom of Drake’s cup which tipped it over but he kept a tight grip too bad all of the contents in it spilled on the concrete by his feet.

                “Fuck!” He cursed at the bit that had gotten on his new all white Jordan flight 23’s. He lifted up his shoe and Nicki grabbed the cup from his hand.

                “Come to the bathroom. I’ll help you wipe it off.” She promised and walked in front of an irritated Drake.

                 “I’m so sorry!” Cy-Anne pleaded as she followed them a few feet and then stopped in her tracks.

                “It’s alright. I don’t blame you.” Drake called out behind his shoulder as he made his way to the bathroom by Nicki’s lead.

                Cy-Anne was blown away. Any other senior would’ve cussed her out or showed no respect to her but Drake stared into her with glossy eyes that showed genuine concern.

                “CY! Are you getting anything to eat? We’re leaving now.” Breaunna called out to her. Cy-Anne took a deep breath and watched the polite man she had just encountered stalk off with Nicki. She ran toward Bre so she didn’t miss finding a good seat in Justin’s hummer.

                   Mehgan was ready to introduce herself properly to her new school so she climbed on top of the nearest picnic table and looked herself up and down to admire her abstract print leggings, black tank top, black crop jacket, and a black pair of lace up combat boots. She cleared her throat loud enough for everyone to hear but the majority of people continued walking so she slightly yelled:

                “Excuse me!” Everyone looked up at her hoping she had something extremely important to say. Nicki and Drake made it back just in time to catch Mehgan’s speech. She gave Camilla a hug and introduced her to Drake quietly as she kept one eye on Mehgan on top of the table.  

                “Thanks for your attention. My name is Mehgan James with an H, I’m single, don’t give a fuck about what anybody thinks of me, um, I came from West Beverly High. Go cougars! and if you come at me on some disrespectful shit and your within arms reach anybody can get slapped” she said as she extended her arm and flailed her hand as if she was smacking someone unconcious. “Thank you” she dismissed everyone as she hoped off the table and continued her trek to Room 1-808. Everyone was murmuring as she walked passed them and she loved the attention.

                “OOOO I LIKE HUH!” Lauren said excitedly. So excited that she said “HUH” instead of “HER”.

                “I’m liking that outfit.” Rihanna chimed in.

                “Me too girl.” Camilla co-signed as they gave each other high fives.

                “Lets go met her.” Lauren offered

                “A little too boojie for my liking.” Nicki said. Rih and Milla nodded in agreement.

                “Plus I’m not in the mood to be extra friendly right now.” Cam added.

                “But have fun with your new bestie.” Gia said.

                “Make sure to tell us what she’s like though.” Ariana smiled. Lauren was disappointed with the fact that no one else wanted to come until she saw Chris walking her way.  Lauren raced over to him and smiled up at him. He looked down at her suspiciously.

                 “Yes?” He asked hesitantly. She swayed left to right like a little girl and bit her bottom lip.

                 “Come meet the new girl with me…” She suggested as she batted her eyelashes and grabbed for his hand. He quickly moved his hand out of the way and laughed at her.

                 “You funny.” He said trying to walk around her. Lauren put her hand on his chest to stop him. He looked down at her again and she was serious now.

                 “You’re coming with me now.” She said through clenched teeth then grabbed his t-shirt sleeve and twisted it so he couldn’t wiggle out of the grip that easily.

                 “C’mon man I ain’t wit’ that shit.” Chris said wrestling for her to let go without stretching or tearing his shirt.

                 “I don’t give a fuck!” Lauren shouted as she dragged him by his shirt toward Mehgan.

                 Mehgan was sashaying in front of Lauren as Lauren held onto the sleeve of Chris’ t-shirt.

                 “Mehgan! Yoowhoo!” Lauren called out tryin to get her attention. Meghan whipped her hair around and faced them. Lauren smiled while Chris looked off to the side.

                 “Yeah?” Mehgan said as she raised her eyebrows and chewed her gum. Lauren held her hand out.

                 “I’m Lauren.” She said and waited for Meghan to shake her hand. Mehgan smiled and gave Lauren dap which made immediately made Lauren giggle.

                 “And this tall rude nigga is Chris.” Lauren introduced him and then jabbed him in the side. Chris sucked his teeth.

                 “What up.” He greeted her rudely and then looked off to the side again. Meg’s expression immediately changed from friendly and expressive to stank.

                 “Now listen,” she started and put her finger up as close to Chris’ face as her 5’2 self could reach and continued, “I don’t need a fake-ass greeting from nobody. If you don’t mean it you don’t have to be here actin’ fake. You have one more chance to greet me correctly or leave me as I am.”

                 Chris stared at her and slyly grinned.

                 “What up?” He asked again this time looking into her eyes waiting for her to answer.

                 “I should be asking you that. You’re taller than me.” She joked making Chris chuckle.

                  “Oh new girl’s got jokes already?” Chris said stepping to her to assert his dominance over her. Lauren smiled; Chris was opening up.

                  “Uh, yeah,” She said before drawing an imaginary box with her hands.

                  “This is my comfort box. Step out of it.” She said before lightly pushing Chris in the abdomen to push him away from her. Lauren laughed hysterically while Chris put up his set.

                  “Don’t be pushin’ me ight now.” He said obviously joking. Lauren grabbed onto the back of his shirt.

                  “You lucky she holdin’ me back right now!” He shouted causing a scene. Mehgan laughed this was like live comedy.

                  “Shut up idiot.” Lauren said and slapped his bicep. She let go of his shirt and stepped in front of him to get right next to Mehgan.

                  “What’s your first period?” Lauren asked nicely. Mehgan looked up and licked her lips as she thought.

                  “Room uh, 1-808.” She said quickly as it all came back to her. Lauren nodded.

                  “That’s Mr. West; our class.” Lauren couldn’t stop smiling. Meghan flipped hair over her shoulders.

                  “Oh that’s bomb then. Y’all could walk me there cause I was ‘bout to be lost walking by myself.” She said making Lauren chuckle. Chris picked up speed so he would be walking next to Lauren. His hand accidentaly bumped into her hip and she stopped walking and stared up at Chris with eyes that told him to sternly stop.

                   “It was an accident.” He assured her with his hands up.

                  “It was an accident!” Lauren mocked Chris in a loud, mentally-disabled-person’s-voice. She rolled her eyes and stared straight ahead. Mehgan started laughing.

                  “How long have you two been dating?” She asked assuming they were a long-term couple.

                  “Oh no, no, no, no, no.” Lauren said while shaking her head and grinning.

                  “Me and Chris are nowhere near a couple. We’ve been friend since maybe third grade. Best friends starting in eighth.” Lauren explained. Chris wrapped his arm around her and nodded in agreement.

                  “Friends-with-benefits started at?” Mehgan pried with a laugh. Lauren shook her head and Chris quickly slipped his arm off her shoulder.

                   “I have my own boyfriend so…” Lauren trailed off as the thing she did with Chris at the basketball court and the pool party flooded through her mind.

                  “Yeah and I have a girlfriend.” Chris added. Lauren scrunched up her eyebrows at him causing him to further explain. “Well, I mean, it’s complicated.” Mehgan nodded.

                  “If you’re going to introduce me to guys make sure they’re single.” Mehgan whispered to Lauren as Chris took the lead to open the classroom door for them. Lauren laughed.

                  “Thank you.” Mehgan said with a smile as she walked into the class. Lauren looked at Chris in disbelief.  

                  “Wow everybody, the retard taught himself how to open the door for others.” Lauren remarked. Chris sucked his teeth.

                  ”Get in there.” He demanded as he pushed Lauren in the shoulder which accelerated her into the room.

                  “Keep your hands off of me Chris.” Lauren threatened through clenched teeth.

                  “Or what? All you do is talk shit Laur.” Chris said pushing her once again, this time in the back of the head before running so she wouldn’t hit him back.

                  “Dumbass!” Lauren pulled a textbook off one of the desks and aimed it at a running Chris. He ducked and laughed hiding by Mr. West’s file cabinet.

                  “Oh my god, you guys are insane.” Mehgan said with her jaw hanging open.

                “Chris just irks my nerves.”

                “Lauren where’s your hoodlum boyfriend? I need to discuss his grade in this class with him.” Mr. West said popping up from behind his mahogany teacher’s desk. Lauren sat down in her normal seat and Mehgan sat next to her.

                 “He’s with Coach Rose right now.” Lauren informed him.


            Camilla strutted through the hall with her student aide badge swinging on her neck and a few class schedules in her hand. Her first period changed this semester to being a Student Aide in the office, already realizing that this had to be her favorite job in the whole school. The halls were empty except for straggling new kids who didn’t know where their classes were located. Camilla paid them no mind as she tried to make her way to Ms. Union’s classroom to drop off a schedule.

                “Cam!” The familiar brit called out to her. She continued on her way. He pushed his locker door closed and jogged in pursuit of Camilla.

                “Camilla!” He called out again. She started to speed up a little more and with her trackstar legs Harry knew he would have to do something to stop her quickly before she sprinted out of his reach.

He grabbed her forearm tightly yanking her near him. Camilla’s eyes bugged widely and she pulled her arm out of his grasp.

                “Don’t fucking touch me.” She spat angrily. Harry placed his hands on her shoulders to make sure she didn’t.

                “I’m sorry Cammy.” Harry pleaded. She placed her hand up between them and rolled her neck.

                “You lost the privilege of calling me Cammy. It’s Camilla to you now.”

                “What did I do?”

                “What did you do? Harry I don’t have time for-”

                “Tell me what I did.”

                “I don’t know how they do this in Britain or whatever but when you’re involved with somebody in America you don’t go around getting some sloppy toppy from the new slut of the school.”

                ”Cammy, it’s not like that. I didn’t know we were that seriously involved.” Harry tried to explain.   

                “Stop calling me Cammy.”

                “But I wanna call you Cammy.” Harry smiled.  

                “Well you can’t call me Cammy.” She rolled her eyes stepping backwards only to have him follow her and get closer.

                “Please, I didn’t know how serious we were and I promise I want this as bad as you do. Give me another chance.”  Harry begged. She could tell in his eyes he was sincere but not even a few months into knowing each other and he already had hoes. Imagine later on, she would have to fight these girls off of him.

                “You just can’t go around getting dome from girls then think I’m okay with it all.” Camilla reinstated hoping Harry would understand she wasn’t ready to forgive him and trust him fully yet.

                “Getting what?” Harry asked. The term “Dome” completely threw off.    

                “Dome, head, brain, top… It means a blow job.” Camilla tried to explain simply but Harry still looked confused.

                “It’s already bad since I’m foreign but I guess it doesn’t help that I’m slow too.” Harry poked fun at himself while casually tossing his hair and licking his lips. Camilla was weak for that habit he had. She had to giggle at his description of himself because of how true it was.

                “You piss me off, Harry.” Camilla pushed him in the chest.

                “How? Are you still mad at me?” He asked sliding his fingers down the side of her arm to her hand. She clasped hers in his. Being this angry at him was pointless when she could tell he was honestly sorry.

                 “No I’m not mad and that’s why you piss me off so much because I wanted to be angy at you so badly.” She pouted.

                “Don’t be sad, smile Cammy.”

                “No.” She continued to feign sadness.  

                “Why aren’t you in class anyway? You don’t have the excuse of being new like I do.” Harry asked. Camilla pointed down at the badge that hung right below her cleavage. Harry had to pull his eyes away from her C-cup breasts and the way they slightly pushed up above her black tube top, she styled it right above the waist of her tie-dye blue and white distressed shorts, she pair them with a pair of black strappy Jimmy Choo pumps. Her gold accessories brought out the blonde highlights in her brown hair.

                “I’m a student aide, I have to deliver this to Ms. Union’s class down the hall.”

                “Well then why are you in the hallway kissing me?”

                “What? How am I kissing you if-” She was cut off by his lips. The way they pressed against hers sent a mix of surprise and pleasure down her spine.

                “Why did you just-” She was shocked by their first kiss. Harry wrapped his arms around her waist pressing his chest up against her overspilling one.

                “Would you rather I handled you like this?” He asked lifting his eyebrow. Camilla smiled and bit her bottom lip telling Harry she wanted to kiss him again. He parted his lips and quickly slid his tongue through hers making a statement. He wanted every piece of her.

                “Wait, wait…” Camilla started once they took a break for air. Harry looked at her with eyes wide ready for what she had to say.

                “You and that slut didn’t 69 or anything right?”

                “Sixty-nine?” He thought out loud.

                “Did you eat her out?” Camilla rephrased the question.

                “What?” He smiled still completely confused.  She shook her head.

                “Nevermind, just kiss me.” Camilla grabbed his jacket collar and pulled his head down with her other hand.

The delivery she had to make would have to wait.


Mr. West’s: First Period:

            Zayn Malik walked into Mr. West’s first period class ten minutes late. He stood still as he closed the door behind him trying not to make a noise. He rubbed his hands over his low-shaven beard and scanned the class for a quick seat which he couldn’t seem to find.

            Mr. West turned away from his board and spotted Zayn there looking uneasy.

            “Why are you here?” Mr. West asked blatantly. Zayn twisted up his face in a frown.

            “I just transferred here. I’m a senior and my name is Zayn.” He introduced himself in an British based Indian accent that caught everyone off-guard. Mr. West raised his eyebrows and bent down to pull a blank test packet from his drawer in the desk so when the class was reviewing the answers Zayn had something to do.

            “Thank you sir.” Zayn said cordially and then walked down the aisle hoping he’d find a place to sit. He found no look in the first row so he tried the second one… again no luck. It wasn’t until the third row, Lauren’s room did he find an open seat behind Lauren.

                “Excuse me miss.” Zayn whispered tapping Lauren’s shoulder.

                “Do you have a pencil I can borrow?” Zayn asked when she whipped her head around.

                “You came to school on the first day of school without a pencil?” Mehgan asked with her eyebrows scrunched. Zayn chuckled a bit.

                 “Yeah, school supplies weren’t exactly the first thing on my mind when I moved here.”

                 “Do you know the queen?” Lauren asked as she dug in her purse for an extra mechanical pencil.

                “Excuse me?” Zayn questioned. He didn’t understand.

                “Queen Elizabeth… Do you know her personally since you’re from like, England?”

                “No, actually I don’t. Do you know Obama personally since you’re from like, America?” He sarcastically asked her.

                “Yes I do actually. He’s my step father.” Mehgan smiled then turn around catching Mr. West’s red eyes beating down on her. She scrunched up her face in confusion and apprehension.

                “Would you like to teach the class new girl? Since you seem to be the only one everyone’s looking at.”

                “Oh sure, I’d love to.” Mehgan agreed standing up and strutting to the front of the white board. She cleared her throat and gestured for Mr. West to sit down. He took a seat down on his rolling chair and crossed his arms, critically watching Mehgan’s performance.

               “Well first of all, my name isn’t new girl,” Mehgan said as she bluntly cut her eyes at Mr. West and then continued, “It’s Mehgan and if y’all didn’t hear my intro in the courtyard earlier I’m from West Beverly and no my boobs aren’t fake.” The girls giggled and the guys cheered

               “Okay, Okay Martha that’s enough about your anatomy now get to the curriculum.” Mr. West said as he settled down the class.

               “One more time you don’t call me by my name and I’ll call you a four letter word. IT’S M-E-H-G-A-N, Mehgan get it right Mister.” Mr. West brushed her apprehensive attitude off, it was the first day for her and he’ll let her act up for now.

               “But anyway, before I was rudely interrupted. Today we’re going to learn a very important lesson, something girls can do and guys will enjoy,” The class listened intently. Mehgan pulled out her phone and played Gas Pedal By Sage The Gemini, she turned around bent her knees and started popping, dropping and shaking her ass. The class started chanting, raving and turning up. Amber ran up to the front next to Mehg and they both started twerking to the beat.

               “YASSS BITCHES!” New girl Paula from Chicago yelled in excitement as she stood up on her desk and started shaking her large end-around she was sporting a white V-neck, high waisted designer jeans and white red bottom stiletto pumps. The whole class was partying basically as Mr. West watched in awe he was so shocked he was frozen. Lauren hopped on a desk and started shaking her booty too.

               “Shit, I don’t give a fuck.” Chris said before he got upand started crumping with twerking movements. The students went crazy as he started to show half the girls in the class how it was really done.

                 Tyga opened the door walking into a scene he would never forget. The door shut behind him and that was enough to knock Mr. West out of his shocked trance he quickly ran behind his desk and blew his whistle subsequently when the song ended.

               “GET YOUR HOODLUM ASSES BACK IN YOUR DESK!” He bellowed seriously. Everyone scattered fearfully except Mehgan who stopped her phone from playing the next song and slowly strutted back to her seat.

               “Lauren, both new girls, Amber, Zayn and Chris will need to stay after class to sign your detentions, Michael come to my desk.” Lauren blew him a kiss and he caught it before approaching the teacher’s desk.

               “Damn first day and you already turned the class upside down.” Chris said as Lauren and Mehgan laughed.

               “Hopefully we all get the same detention room.” She said before she gestured for Paula to come into there new little circle, she smiled and sashayed over.

               “Why are you up?” Mr. West questioned over Tyga’s shoulder.

               “I’m not though.” Paula lied, shrugging and narrowing her eyes at him. It was hilarious how obvious she lied to him.

               “The fact that I’m staring right at you and you still lied shows to me how great of a student you are.” He sarcastically retorted before handing Tyga his exam packet and going to his computer to pull something up.

               “You’re really pretty, im assuming you’re new too since you aren’t talking to anybody else over there.” Mehgan bluntly stated. Chris couldn’t help but laugh at her boldness.  “Girl I would be doing the same thing if these fools hadn’t harassed me before this period.”

                “Harassed? Honey, we made your life better.” Lauren feigned a sassy attitude.

                “I hope you don’t usually do that cause it’s not cute on you.” Mehgan sassed her back before flipping her hair and looking back at Paula.

               “Yeah, I just moved here from Chicago, CHY TOWN!” She emphasized loudly, Mr. West glared at her. Paula smiled, This is going to be the worst class I’ve taught in a while He thought nearly out loud.

               “Okay well why don’t we all say stuff about ourselves. Lets just do a intro-circle ice breaker, I’ll start.” she said giddily “I’m Lauren London, 18 years young, black and Jewish and I have a little sister who goes here.” She stared at Chris, who was next, but he didn’t say anything so she hit him in the arm.

                 “SPEAK BITCH!” she ordered. He sucked his teeth but still did as he was told.

               “Chris Brown, 18, black and Cherokee and I also have a little sister who goes here but I’m not going to be as basic as Lauren and just leave y’all with that I play varsity basketball for the school, Panthers will be the best school in the state this year. Mark my words.” They all laughed and Lauren almost punched him in the gut.

                “West Bev has elite players, you can’t be the best in the state if you can’t even beat the best in the county.” Mehg laughed by herself.

                “I’m a cheerleader and my boyfriend plays on the team so, I can’t agree with you on that.” Lauren spoke up.

                “Whateverrrr.” She rolled her eyes playfully. Then gave her attention to Paula.

               “Ok well I’m Paula Hellens AKA the HellonHeels follow me on Instagram, I’m 18, love hair and makeup. That’s it I guess.” She said as she subconsciously ran her fingers through her hair they all smiled and turned to Zayn.

               “I’m Zayn Malik, I’m 18, British and Paki, I love to draw, don’t really give a fuck about school but I guess I have to graduate.” He was so nonchalant that it took everyone off guard, they nodded at his chill attitude and turned to Mehgan.

               “And I’m Mehgan James, 18, and love flipping these 30 inches.” She said as she playfully whipped Zayn with her hair he grabbed some and made a mustache with it.

               “Aye!” Mehgan shouted pulling it back in her hands and caressing it before giggling.

               “This class just got a whole lot more interesting.” Chris said as he watched Lauren eavesdrop on her boyfriend and Mr. West’s conversation.

               “You only need a half credit to fulfill your graduation requirement, since you passed the first semester you have that half, now, if you want to drop this class and have senior privilege for first period thats an option. Are you interested?” Mr. West asked hoping Tyga agrees so he’ll have one less hoodlum in his classroom.

               “Definitely, that’s great news.” He smiled. Mr. West signed Michael’s name down on a form attached to a clipboard.

               “Alright, I’m handing this in to the guidance counselor, Mr. Howard, during second period break and as soon as he approves it I’ll give you the car decal that allows you to come in late.”

               “Alright, that sounds good Mister.” He placed his hand up for dap but Mr. West stared at it like he usually does.

               “I got you babe.” Lauren said standing up and giving him dap so the further embarrassment would halt. Tyga chuckled at her and licked his lips as he stared at her pretty smiling face. They didn’t let go hands for a good ten seconds.

                “That’s your boyfriend?” Mehgan asked smiling in the friendliest way. Tyga nodded his head answering her question then wrapping his arm around Lauren and kissing her on the cheek to seal the deal.

               “Get yo swollen lips off my girl bro.” Chris joked around but it made Lauren tense up and shoot her eyes toward Chris.

               “You wish nigga.” Tyga laughed walking to his seat, Lauren followed behind him pushing the back of Chris’ head so he would jolt forward.

               “I’d like to introduce all of you to my one and only boyfriend, Michael but y’all will only call him Tyga.” Lauren announced.

                “What’s all of your names?” Tyga asked chewing some Extra gum. He was feeling abnormally friendly today.

                “I’m Zayn.” He said being the closest to Tyga’s desk.
               “My name’s Paula.” She waved.

               “This is Mehgan. She likes to flip her hair.” Chris said in mockingly high-pitched valley girl voice. Mehgan pushed him hard in the shoulder.

               “Her voice is not that white.” Lauren defended. Mehgan gave her a high-five and they both rolled their eyes at him unintentionally looking like twins.

               “So, I’m guessing I’ll be seeing a lot of you since you seem to be Lauren’s twin.” Tyga commented.

               “We’ll see.” They both said in unison before breaking out into shrill laughter.

               “You know us black girls have to stick together.” Mehgan announced looking back at Paula and winking at her.

               “Yas, call us the BGC.” Paula chimed in.

               “BGC?” Zayn asked.

               “The Black Girl Crew, duh.” Paula clarified.

               “Aye, aint nobody fucking with my clique!” Mehgan shouted. Mr. West fiercely wrote on papers that were sprawled across his desk. No one noticed until he looked up at Mehgan and then wrote viciously again.

                “Mr. West what are you doing?” Amber asked in curiousity.

                “Just filling out these detention slips for you guys since it seems you want to spend a whole week in detention.”

                 “What? A week? You didn’t even tell us to quiet down. You should write a personal detention for not effectively being a teacher sir.” Zayn snapped with the composure of a man who hadn’t said a word. Lauren’s jaw dropped but she didn’t say a word.

                “Damn!” Paula said not able to handle her self like everyone else could.

                “Paula would you like me to add you to Zayn’s saturday detention slip.”

                “Saturday but…” Zayn stopped himself, “I apologize sir.’ Zayn ended quickly and then shrugged at all of his newly made friends.”

                “I know how to get you out of ‘em bro. Dont stress it.” Chris whispered. Zayn leaned over and gave him dap.

                 “Good looking out. Big up yaself bro.” He said in his british slang.

                “What’s that mean?”

                “It’s just a slang thing. I use it instead of saying thank you most of the time. it’s just as courteous.” He explained.

                “That shit sounds dope. I’ma start using that.” Chris smiled.

                 “Hey Lauren,” Chris tapped her shoulder when she turned he continued, ‘big up yaself.” She turned around and started raising her hand.

                “Mr. West Chris is distracting me.” She waited as Mr. West turned away from his computer to address the issue.

                “Chris just leave. You know where to go.” He pointed at the exit.

                 “Alright, peace out y’all it was nice meeting you Paula and Mehgan. Zayn, big up ya self bro. Tyga, find me during break and Lauren I hope you burn in hell.” Chris left with an announcement. Everyone laughed at his comment to Lauren.

                “Now let’s seriously get back to learning.” Mr. West said in complete seriousness no one fucked with him any more in fear of more punishments.

Coach Rose’s Weight Training: Second Period

               The clicking and clacking of the iron plates filled the weight room as Coach Rose was trying to FaceTime is long time girlfriend Tia Mowry

               “Babe hold on I’m just gonna step out so we can talk.” He semi-yelled through the IPhone 5c.

               “But what about your class?” She questioned curiously

               “REGGIE YOU’RE IN CHARGE MAKE SURE EVERYONE HAS A SPOTTER!” Coach Rose yelled over the chatter and dropping of the weights. Reggie nodded to him as he walked out. Reggie dropped his two 50 lb. dumbbells and quickly texted Kim to meet up in the building 7 hallway.

               “Aye Trey spot me.” Chris said as he slid under the bench bar that was equipped with 225 lbs. total. Trey stopped flexing in the mirror and walked over to Chris, helped him pick up the bar and watched him as he completed his first 5 reps with ease.

               “LETS GO CHRIS IS THAT ALL YOU GOT?!” Blake yelled as he tried to motivate him it was working as Chris knocked out 5 more reps. Drake chuckled as he finished his curling set in the mirror but saw the whole scene unfold behind him in the mirror. The crowd started to cheer as he struggled with 2 more and barely mustered up enough strength to lock out his 13th rep. Everyone was ranting and raving for Chris’ weight that was pretty impressive.

               “Drake go show Ike Turner how its done for real.” Jermaine instigated. Drake rose to the challenge and as Chris got up Drake glared at him and replaced him.

               “Uh-oh! Toronto trying to make a name for himself!” Wayne joked and caused the whole weight room which all crowded around the scene, he gave Drake some dap. Chris got heated as he felt the disrespect so he spoke up.

               “Bet you can’t hit more than I just did.” The crowd wooed as if they were in grade school again. Drake grinned easy money he thought

               “1 hunnit” Drake said calmly, Chris nodded for him to continue. He got under the weight and pushed up the bar without Trey’s assistance and easily repped 10 and the crowd went wild as he did his 11th and 12th he feigned weakness and Chris started laughing his ass off and gave Tyga dap

               “Easiest money I’ve ever made in my life I guess when he left sophomore year he stopped lifting too” and with those last words Drake stopped faking and hit another 8 rapid fire and locked it back up. As he was getting up everyone was hoping on him and screaming as if it was a rap battle.

               “Pay up nigga!” Drake said as he stepped to Chris slyly. Chris got pissed as he finally processed all that had just gone down in the past 30 seconds. He got closer to Drake they were about 2 inches away from each other.

               “No! What the fuck you just played me!” Chris shouted in anger as the room fell silent and everyone watched intently. Drake’s happiness turned to anger as he said:

               “A bet is a bet. I don’t fucking play with my money.” he shoved Chris who stumbled back but quickly shoved back Drake with the same amount of force which he had. Jermaine quickly yanked Drake back and Tyga did the same with Chris

               “HEY HEY HEY what’s going on?” Coach Rose screamed as he walked back in “And where’s Reggie?” he inquired nobody even realized he had slipped out with all the adrenaline pumping through everybody

               “That nigga chose to fuck with the right one!” Drake yelled as Blake, Jermaine and Taylor escorted Drake out of the weight room and into the neighboring gym.

                Meanwhile, Reggie walked down the hall and met up with Kim halfway. She smiled and ran her fingers through the front of her hair.

               “Hey big guy.” Kim greeted him slipping her arms around his neck and pulling herself tightly toward him. He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed the top of her head. She smiled soaking in his warmth while he placed his hand on her ass cheeks.

               “How has your day back been so far?” Reggie asked swaying her from side to side. She swung her hair back and forth while she answered the question.

               “It would be better if you were in all my classes.” Kim pouted.

               “You know that wouldn’t be better. Cause I’d get in trouble for putting my hands all over you.” Reggie flirted. Kim giggled not feeling the slightest bit guilty for sneaking around with her best friends boyfriend because she felt so good in his arms.

               “Are you coming over tonight?” Kim asked looking into his eyes. He had to think about if he had any plans with Amber, He came up with nothing.

               “I can come over as long as Amber doesn’t ask me to come over last minute.”

               “Just tell her you can’t cause you’re going to the gym.” Kim supplied a lie for him.

   “You’re good at this. How many times have you been the other woman?” Reggie asked with his eyebrows up. Kim slapped his bicep.

               “Shut up. I’ve only done this with you, I just wanna cuddle tonight.” Kim whined. Reggie smiled she was just so cute.

               “I’ll do what I can alright? Just don’t go around trying to replace me.” Reggie smiled brightly.

               “Alright babe, I’ll see you tonight.” She tip-toed so he’d lean down and kiss her on the lips. He sucked on her bottom lip for an extra minute before having to let go and get back to class.

Author’s note: Thanks for reading this chapter but please I would appreciate if you gave me feedback so I can have things to consider when writing the next chapter so well done will have more of everything you readers love. Please like/reblog this chapter so I  have clarification that you like the chapters! Thank you again, I would really appreciate it! 

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Yas, everyone will be in Chapter 66 as a whole. Some characters might not show up in Part 1 but they will have significance. 

*Tonight @ 6:15 PM EST* 

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Chapter 66 (Part 1) will be posted tonight @ 6:15 PM EST,

Chapter 66 (Part 2) will be posted Tuesday @ 6:15 PM EST

and Chapter 66 (Part 3) on Friday @ 6:15 PM EST.


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