Zain “Zayn” Javadd Malik | 18 | Enjoys singing, playing guitar, playing video games and mixing beats. | Can’t dance but loves doing it anyway. :) | Muslim, British, Pakistani | Addicted to cigarette smoking. 

Relationship status: Single.

Best friends: None developed yet.

Enemies: None developed yet.

Amethyst “Iggy” Azalea | 18 | Enjoys being the center of attention, twerking, rap music, talking shit and weave. | Doesn’t give a fuck | Rapper | Just moved form Australia

Relationship Status: Single. 

Best Friends: New to Estrella. 

Enemies: New to Estrella.

Jennifer “Jenn” Hardwick | 19 | Enjoys instigating, partying, shopping, stripping and dancing. | Moved from Orange County |

Relationship Status: Single. 

Best Friends: New to Estrella  

Enemies: None.

Paula “Lil Bit” Hellens | 18 | Enjoys being the peacemaker, partying, make up, poetry and weave. | DRAMA FREE | Brutally honest | Just moved from Chicago

Relationship Status: Single. 

Best Friends: New to Estrella. 

Enemies: New to Estrella.

August Anthony Alsina Jr. | 18 | Senior | Being a leader, money maker, drawing and looking fly. | August was put in a military school from eighth grade to senior year but because of good behaviour he was released and told that he could finish the rest of his senior year in public school. 

Relationship: Single but focused on a better future. 

Friends: Nicki,  Trey, Chris, Drake, Kirko, Lauren (They all met in Middle School) 

Enemies: None yet 

Julie Ofcharsky | 17 | Enjoys watching anime, drawing, singing, smoking, drinking and shopping. 

Relationship Status: Single 

Friends: N/A 

Enemies: None yet. 

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I have finally returned! I have a new laptop and millions of ideas! WELCOME BACK TO WELLDONE!

To start from Chapter 1 GO


I AM SO SORRY EVERYONE! I have been without a laptop for well over a week now. It broke and I am now writing to you from my public library computer, I am so sorry for the inconvenience. Fingers crossed I might be getting a new one next week. I’m so sorry but I am writing the chapters in my journal and when I’m back I will tons of chapters for you lovely readers to enjoy. Thank you for sticking by my side for practically two years (the first time I posted a chapter) and now. Through thick and thin I’ve had my core readers and love you all! Thank you!
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"How often do you post by the way?" by torontomademe

Trying to post every other day! :))) 

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